First-year law student Kim Kardashian says she would love to launch law firm staffed by former inmates

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Reality star sets eyes on criminal law specialism

Kim Kardashian has revealed ambitions to set up her own law firm filled with ex-prisoners.

In a candid chat with Reuters, first-year law student Kardashian, said: “I would love to open up a firm and hire formerly incarcerated people that have spent so much time having to fight for their lives inside. They know the law better than anybody and I think I would have the best firm if I had a firm [filled with these types of people].”

The reality star of Keeping up with the Kardashians fame’s ambitions haven’t sprung out of nowhere. She has, in recent months, expressed her interest in criminal justice reform, and even brought a dash of celebrity to the case of Alice Marie Johnson, helping free the 63-year-old from a life behind bars.

“I spend a lot of time visiting prisons and some of the most enlightened people I’ve ever met, some of the smartest people, and the people that know law the best are people that are spending time in prison,” continued the 38-year-old socialite.

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Kardashian ‘broke the internet’ when she confirmed she had enrolled on a legal apprenticeship with a San Francisco law firm last summer, with a view to sit the California bar exam in 2022, in May’s issue of Vogue.

Speaking on her studies further, Kardashian revealed she’s “almost done with year one” of her four-year course and has her eyes set on specialising in criminal law:

“I already know that I really want to study criminal law but you have to go through the motions of contracts and torts and civil, and everything else, but I’ve really enjoyed the process.”

The mother-of-four, who is currently visiting her homeland in Armenia, recently shared a snap on her Instagram page, which has amassed a huge 148 million following, of her dressed down in casual sweats and laden with law books — a notable change from her closet full of couture. “Focused,” is the simple caption the social media star used.

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Here is the life of a law fresher rather conveniently told by nine (very relatable) Kim K GIFs.

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U wot?

“…They know the law better than anybody and I think I would have the best firm if I had a firm [filled with these types of people].”

The absolute state of it



Literally a clucking idiot. Shot it. She is an oxygen thief.


Kim K's Shop

Kim Kardashian – Senior Partner
OJ Simpson – Crime
R Kelly – Children and Family
Wesley Snipes – Tax
Martha Stewart – White Collar Crime
Nick Leeson – Banking
Caitlyn jenner – Motoring Offences
Mike Tyson – Sports
Robin Thicke / Pharrell williams – Intellectual Property



You need to know the law to break the law.



Good idea – would be a lot better and more passionate than a lot of lawyers.


Aspiring QC

She’s hit the wall



Does anyone else want to see such a firm? I wouldn’t want to be a part of it of course but it would definitely make a better setting for a reality tv show then Keeping up with the Kardashian’s.



“They know the law better than anybody else” as well evidenced by their incarceration. Furthermore, as far as I am aware, the Bars of most states take a dim view of previous convictions, and as a consequence whilst it might be possible for the odd Attorney to have previous criminal antecedence, the character and fitness element of admission presents a high bar. Thus, from a practical perspective it will either need to be a very small firm or one stuffed to the rafters with unqualified ex-cons, rather limiting their usefulness in a law firm. Whilst of course, all this rather assumes Kim K herself passes the California Bar which is rather unlikely.



A lot of people who are or have been in prison have at least the same character and fitness as much of the public at large. I hope they’re given a chance – given their experiences, law would seem an ideal occupation for them.



Lawyers are meant to be more trustworthy than the average member of public at large. They are trusted with, amongst other things, access to client money and private information.



Lawyers trustworthy lol.

A lot of prisoners are far more trustworthy and many of them are in prison for matters which have nothing to do with dishonesty. No reason they couldn’t look after client money or private information.



Absolute b*ll*cks. Downvote and binge-watch Suits if you like, but the “lawyers are untrustworthy moneygrabbers” thing is not how lawyers are SUPPOSED to be.


Lawyers trustworthy lol.

Doesn’t change the fact a lot of them are untrustworthy though. A lot of prisoners aren’t. Some prisoners would be ideal as lawyers.


I would staff my law firm with Alan Blackers.



So when she gonna hire r kelly?



OJ as managing partner


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