Former Akin Gump partner struck off over £25,000 in ‘improper expense claims’

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Igor Krivoshekov admitted charging his firm for personal meals and Uber journeys

A former partner at the London office of US giant Akin Gump has been struck off the roll of solicitors after admitting to making improper expenses claims.

Igor Krivoshekov owned up to claiming personal spending on things like meals and taxis as business expenses and has repaid his former firm almost £25,000.

Krivoshekov, a cross-border transactions specialist, moved from Dentons to Akin Gump in December 2016 but left under a cloud in June 2018.

Firm bosses called Krivoshekov to a meeting over his expenses claims where he admitted that “some expenses had been improperly submitted” and promptly resigned.

Examples provided to the tribunal included £398.93 “which the respondent claimed as a dinner with a named client when a client was not present” and two amended Uber receipts totalling £55.55.

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Krivoshekov confirmed to the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal (SDT) that he had made “improper expense claims and that he reimbursed the firm with £24,640.05”. He added that he had been “diagnosed with adverse health issue, namely long-term severe depressive illness and high anxiety” but agreed that he should be struck off.

The tribunal rubber-stamped the striking off as an agreed outcome between Krivoshekov and the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA). It said that Krivoshekov had “misled the firm” and ordered him to pay £3,000 in costs.

An Akin Gump spokesperson said: “Akin Gump was deeply troubled when it discovered Mr. Krivoshekov had improperly charged expenses during his eighteen months at the Firm. Honesty and integrity are of paramount importance at Akin Gump.”

They continued: “Immediately upon discovery of his actions, the firm took steps to thoroughly investigate his conduct, obtain Mr. Krivoshekov’s resignation, ensure that no client was prejudiced by his conduct, and make the appropriate reports to the SRA and other authorities. Mr. Krivoshekov has repaid the firm for the amounts he improperly charged the partnership and cooperated with Akin Gump’s efforts to ensure that no clients were harmed by his actions.”

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Legal Genius

Pretty petty of them to strike him off for 500 pounds.



I’m not sure how you typed this given that you clearly can’t read.


Barry Flute

Even if you had not made a mistake over the amount, you still miss the point. He is not being struck off “over” any amount. He is being struck off for dishonesty.



“It revealed that during his tenure as partner within the firm, the Respondent inappropriately claimed expenses which totalled £24,650.05”


Box o’chox




Who signs off a partners’ expense forms? Does one just get to submit them without any additional supervision? No wonder he pulled a fast one – half of my current team does this as well !!!



Remember when you could expense a night’s lapdancing and even run the charlie orders through the credit card?



Those were the days…



Mate, is this one of yours or mine? Tell them to shut up.



Kirkland NQ

Laughing my ass off at this. The last partner who crossed me was swiftly dispatched firstly with a dossier of all the clients who would follow me to another US shop, plus a headbutt that floored him quicker than a sack of proverbial. He apologised and later left the firm.


Skep Tic

Pics or it didn’t happen.


Kirkland NQ

Too much blood, my new iPhone was spattered.


MC NQ toiler

Doesn’t everyone do this? It’s the only way to supplement our meagre salaries while the obese partners get even fatter


Joint MC alliance steering group HR Representative

We note concerns raised by you, and others on the weight of “fat cats” at our organisations. We too are concerned at the health of these people, and are dedicated to putting robust measures in place to address this.

We are currently arranging a compulsory spin class for such partners, starting on the week commencing 04 November 2019.

We trust that this will assuage any concerns you have. We are proud of our image and will take every step necessary to ensure that it is maintained


Obese Partner



Surprise Surprise

Most Dentons partners are lying kunts, and then they go elsewhere and are shocked to find that other firms have people who actually believe in ‘honesty’ and ‘integrity’, rather than just saying it.

Fancy losing up to £1.9 million a year for £25,000 in expenses. Pure greed.



£25k is a drop in the bucket. If you’re bringing in work, who cares about your expenses. It’s a tax write off anyways for the firm. I think the firm wanted an excuse to dump him without having to pay him out.



Brutal to strike someone off forever over a “drop in the bucket” just because you want rid of them.



Is that name for real? Krivoshekov kind of sounds like the Russian for “crooked cheques”…


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