7 pieces of #BoomerAdvice — law edition

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‘OK, Boomer’ 🤨

There’s a new meme taking social media by storm — ‘OK, Boomer’.

The viral phrase is said to have started on TikTok, a relatively new platform chock-full of lip-syncing youths (and lawyers), and has gone on to capture the imaginations of millennials and Gen Z-ers across the globe.

It calls out out-of-touch or close-minded opinions associated with the baby boomer generation and older people more generally, often used in a humorous or ironic manner. The Twitter spin-off is #BoomerAdvice.

With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite completely useless utterances from lawyers who qualified at a time when life was just that little bit easier.

1. Play the odds

2. Snowflake generation

3. Property market

4. Exploit your network

5. Be true to yourself

6. Think outside the box

7. Poor grades

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The truth

Your patter is terrible.



Though to be fair, I wrote to three Chambers, popped in for tea with them and picked which one I wanted for pupillage.



Join a US firm



I note that the article is written “by LegalCheek.” Turns out none of the LC writers want to put their name to this article.



I feel sorry for decent, honest journalists who spend years training and gaining experience, striving to be the best they can, and putting hard work into writing, having this crap also described as an article.


Just sayin’

Funny how LC now asks commentators to verify who they are via email addresses but increasingly won’t add authorship to their own articles.



To be fair, there is absolutely no obligation to use a real email address






Wait what?



I know right


Don’t worry snowflakes, you can rent a flat from my extensive BTL portfolio. I bought at least one central London flat a year back in the 1990s.



I was only joking by the way. I never let out to lawyers, they are the worst tenants.


A. A.

So what if you can’t find a job as a lawyer. Just set up a sub-par legal publication like I did.



Stop arsing around on Twitter and TikTok and God knows what else and get the required grades if you want to apply to one firm and receive one offer.

Do you social media junkies actually believe life was easier when 90% of people, most no older than sixteen, went from school directly into full-time employment?


You just got




{grabs popcorn and settles down to watch the comment wars}



Exactly. Their A levels are a piece of cake and the unis hand out firsts like confetti.



ok boomer



Thank you. Your clichéd response entertains me, and I am immune to your moans protected as I am by the shield of the warm glow surrounding me at the thought of how much of your lifetime income will go on rent, mortgage repayment and mortgage interest.


The Least Qualified

Okay Grandpa.



Ok rent payer. Guffaws.



Posted from a rented home in a remote suburb in the gloomy east of England


Tim Latham

We are working to provide a resource for all those who would be appalled to be addressed as “OK Boomer”. Maybe retired, but far from “retiring” is how we describe it. https://boom.org.uk



Ok Boomer.



I have mixed feelings about this article. On the one hand, the article is obvious “fellow kids” bandwagon jumping. On the other hand, there is a lot of truth to the memes (based on my experience of applying for TCs a few years ago).



There are 27,000 UK domiciled applications to undergraduate law degrees in England and Wales per year and 19,000 students are accepted along with another nearly 5000 admissions from overseas. Given that non-law graduates will take half of the 7000 training opportunities 80% of law graduates will be disappointed if they expect to practise law.

More students are studying law now than studied all degree subjects before 1970 and idiotically the numbers keep increasing. So which demographic is ‘out of touch’ as the article puts it?


S.N. O'Flake

But my mummy said I could be anything I wanted to be. You are horrible. I have been triggered.



And think of the poor people that have to sift through the dross of the applications, especially when you have the diversity moaners hovering on your shoulder too.



Institution blind application procedures. WTF?


Did i see poor?

Its not hard. you filter those who do and don’t know what a chateubriand is. you then shortlist on the wine pairing that goes with it.



Surely that cannot filter out many?

Comment rater

This is the single most constructive comment here.


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