Flirty fail! Law student attempts to woo woman with screenshot of exam results

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A law student has discovered first hand that the way to a woman’s heart is surprisingly not a strong 2:1 in contract law.

In what will probably go down as the worst attempt at wooing ever, a male wannabe lawyer made the conscious decision to text a woman a copy of his exam results in a bid to secure a hook-up.

The brief conversation — a screenshot of which has been circulated widely on social media and picked up by the US website Above The Law — opens with the student explaining that they “should hang later” as he’s leaving for Boston tomorrow for five months.

A screenshot of the conversation

Assuring her there will be “no regrets”, the legally-minded lothario then proceeds to fire over a screenshot of his exam transcript (yes, seriously) in case it has “any influence” on the woman’s decision.

Unsurprisingly to everyone but the male law student in question, the not so subtle academic boast didn’t have the desired effect. She bluntly responds: “Trying to decide which Instagram I can submit this text to.” Ouch.

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