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Oliver Haddock, Kayleigh Leonie and Eloise Skinner chatting on the Legal Cheek podcast.

Why type of lawyer do you want to be, and why? A common, yet tricky question many law students face in the hunt for the elusive training contract.

As part of Legal Cheek’s podcast series, a trio of City lawyers reflect on their reasons for pursuing a career in law and how their passion for their respective practice areas has developed over time.

With City tax law specialist Eloise Skinner playing podcast host, Oliver Haddock explains what drew him towards a career in litigation. “I love the tactical elements of a case,” he says. “Even if it is just getting an extra inch in negotiations or making sure my argument beats someone else’s argument — I love all that sort of stuff.”

For silver circle lawyer Kayleigh Leonie, it was the choices she made while at university that ultimately led to her specialising in employment law. She tells Skinner:

“At university I did an employment law module and focused my dissertation on the equality act, looking at religion and belief… For me, employment law encapsulated what I was really passionate about and took it into the legal sphere — it was combining two really good elements of things I enjoyed into one.”

You can listen to the podcast in full via the embed above or by clicking the link here.

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