City law firm recruits cannabis partner

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Ince looks to capitalise on growing market

Ince is looking to cash in on the burgeoning legal weed scene with the appointment of its first partner specialising in cannabis law.

The City law firm confirmed this morning that “well-respected” dope expert Robert Jappie had joined its regulatory solutions team in London. He specialises in cannabis law and regulation which, Ince says, provides him with “a unique insight into the complexities of global drug policy and law”.

“Ince is committed to growing the best regulatory solutions team in the industry, bringing in top lawyers with specialisms they can use to service growing demands,” chief executive Adrian Biles said. “Robert brings with him a breadth of expertise and a valuable specialism in a fast-growing area of the market.”

Regular readers may recall this isn’t the first time the weed specialist has graced the pages of Legal Cheek. We reported last year that Jappie, then at West London outfit Mackrell Turner Garrett, helped launch what at the time was believed to be the UK’s first cannabis law department.

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Commenting on his latest appointment, Jappie said:

“I am pleased to join a strong team of respected lawyers who are already offering expert legal advice across a range of business areas. I look forward to sharing my knowledge in this evolving and growing market.”

Big City players have been taking the weed sector seriously for a while now. Magic circle player Allen & Overy launched a cannabis newsletter, promising prospective clients “a practitioner insight on the legal and regulatory developments in the cannabis sector worldwide”, while DAC Beachcroft boasts of its expertise in medical cannabis and has even sponsored Cannabis Invest events in London and Geneva.

Cannabis remains illegal for recreational use in the UK, however cannabis-based medicines can be prescribed by doctors in limited circumstances where other treatments have failed.

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Legal Genius

Try coke partner ;))


Akin Blunt LLP

His practice is destined to toke off.


DLA Crack Pipe-r

Great pun.


Herbert Spliff Freehills



Splifford Chance



Weed Smith

Love it.


Womble Bong Dickinson

Hear hear


Baked McKenzie

Second that.


CMS Cannabis McKenna

Me too.


Smoker Patton Bongs

Me three.


Green-berg Traurig



Stoned Day

Good one 😁


Freshfield of cannabis plants



Tokes & Gray LLP

420 blaze it



I’m interested in this. Presumably his work is mostly advisory and deals with the limits of the legal regime for the sale of cannabis-derived products. But if he issues incorrect advice to a client, surely that would surely mean he was aiding or abetting in the sale of class B drugs? Obviously not a job for people with family lives.


Blaze Morgan

Money laundering, struck off, and possible jail-time, Ahoy !



I hope the pay is good!


Capacity Unit

“High times at Ince with new partner hire” – come on LC, the headline writes itself…


Weed & Weed LLP

“New partner high-er” even!








I have a few contacts at biglaw firms in Canada – the leading outfits all have weed teams these days. The market is hilariously uncoordinated, which makes it a gold (green?) rush for lawyers to advise through it.

We are missing out on some amazing billable work.


Pinskunk Masons

Splendid effort


Bong & Bong LLP

Shit pun mate, soz


Will B Bigbucks

35’000 new jobs in the USA. A fair few must be legal. Contrasted to what? Publically prosecuting a dope grower…zzzz


Blazer Mills Law (actual firm name btw)




They tried to hire a coke partner too, but they kept going missing for 4 days after blowing £10k on strippers at FYEO before being found locked in the basement of the offices hiding from the helicopters and the FBI. The business model was based on 2 day absences and only £5k on strippers.


Hashurst LLP



Marijuaner Brown LLP

Top bantz


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