Leeds Beckett Uni apologises after forgetting to supply desks for LPC exam

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A photograph purportedly showing the exam hall when the assessment was scheduled to start

Wannabe lawyers at Leeds Beckett University were thrown an exam-shaped curveball this week when they turned up to an assessment to discover they had not been supplied with desks.

A number of Legal Practice Course (LPC) students were scheduled to sit their professional conduct and regulation exam at a local church on Tuesday morning but were delayed by, insiders say, “almost half an hour” as a result of the table gaffe.

Legal Cheek was even supplied a snap (pictured top) of what one source described as the “scene at the start time” of the assessment. It shows lines of chairs which appear to have been set out for the exam but a notable lack of desks.

The 2020 Legal Cheek LPC Most List

Although the missing furniture was eventually found and students were able to sit the exam, albeit slightly later than scheduled, the uni has since sent an email apologising for the error and offering those affected the option to defer the exam (retake it as if it were a first attempt) later this summer.

In an email seen by Legal Cheek, the uni also reassures students that the matter is being investigated by its timetabling team, “which arranges the holding of exams across the university”, to ensure that “nothing like this ever recurs”.

Deveral Capps, dean of Leeds Law School, Leeds Beckett University, told Legal Cheek:

“I apologise profusely for the delayed start to the exam. I can offer my assurance that no student will be disadvantaged and we are taking urgent steps to ensure this does not happen again.”



So they did an assessment 20 mins later than planned. Righto.


DWF associate

DWF once did this – the MP decided to sell shares in all the furniture to have a few extra quid for a lads’ night out on the lash.

The poor (actually they are) workers came back to PCs on the floor. Two days of kneeling down to work ended when the share holders decided to sell back the furniture, as DWF is not trendy enough.*

True story.

*unlike Irwin Mitchell, where only cool lawyers work. With factory-second biscuits on tap.


IM Partner London

Snowflake behaviour – if this was me, I would have sat on the floor and do the exam! #boomerbaby #irwinmitchellisthebestfirm



This is a poor and desperate attempt at being the new Kirkland NQ.

You aren’t succeeding.


Snooty McF*ckstick

“Leeds Becket Uni”

Say no more fam



Only at a poly.



Is this new Leeds Beckett a good automobile? Where can I get a buyer’s prospectus?



Great preparation for life in practice when most hearings start late.

Nice chairs though. The ones I had for my exams were so uncomfortable, your bum went numb.



I’m surprised this wasn’t BPP, I recap back in 2017 when they didn’t have enough criminal papers for the GDL exam. We did offer to share…


BPP Ex Employee

Lmao I still remember when me and my colleagues were talking about that incident at work


bored trainee

Lets be honest, if there is any exam where you can pass with flying colours whilst facing backwards, kneeling on the floor and using a foam chair as a table… it would be professional conduct.



How in the colossal f*** do you forget to put desks out? Imagine actually being the person(s) responsible…



Deveral Capps. Any relationship to Andy?



Leeds Beckett – is that a uni? Do they need desks?


Archibald Pomp O'City

It’s located above a fish & chips shop on the High Street.



I thought that was Leeds University. Leeds was the posh one in town, relatively speaking.



“Leeds Beckett Uni apologises to students” would be a suitable headline.

A good example why institution blind applications is a bad idea.


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