Lady Hale uses lockdown to write her memoirs

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The former Supreme Court president has secured a two-book deal

Supreme Court Lady Hale
Lady Hale

So Lady Hale is smashing this whole self-isolation thing.

While the rest of us are binge-watching Tiger King, the recently retired Supreme Court president is using lockdown productively — by writing her memoirs.

The Bodley Head publishing house announced yesterday that Lady Hale’s autobiography will be coming out in 2021.

Describing the forthcoming book, Lady Hale said: “Mine is not a rags to riches story — either at the beginning or at the end — but it is the story of how a little girl from a little school in a little village in North Yorkshire became the most senior judge in the United Kingdom — when all the previous holders had been men from public school backgrounds with stellar careers as barristers. It is the story of how she found that she could cope. And it shows how other women and people from similarly small beginnings, without any connections or obvious advantages in the law, will find that they can cope too.”

Her deal with the Bodley Head is for two books: the memoir, plus “an exploration of the importance of the law… illustrated using key judgments”. Perhaps the publishers had to agree to the worthy tome as the price of getting the memoir.

Stuart Williams, publishing director at the Bodley Head, said: “I expect her books to be direct, warm, arresting and candid, and to introduce readers to a great mind and a great campaigner”.

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He added that “her historic and dramatic role in determining that Parliament had not been prorogued gave her an even greater national prominence”.

Hale shot to stardom after delivering the court’s unanimous 2019 judgment that the government had unlawfully prorogued (suspended) parliament at a pivotal time for Brexit.

That single case may well define Hale’s legacy outside the legal world: the Guardian described her yesterday as the “no-prorogation justice”.

She is not the first former Supreme to write her memoirs: Lord Hope’s diaries were pretty controversial, while Lord Dyson used his autobiography to take aim at the “disastrous” former Justice Secretary, Liz Truss.

But both those tie-ups were with specialist legal publishers. The Bodley Head is a non-fiction arm of publishing giant Penguin Random House and says that “our books come from some of the leading writers and thinkers of our time”.

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Hopefully it won’t be overly gender focused.



The UKSC judges claim that they do not make political decisions.

Yet “Judge Brenda” pretends that decisions made under equality law and against the government for a routine procedure are not political.

The result is a political court.

We will see public hearings and press scrutiny of the appointment of judges. Their tax records, party membership affiliations and judgments will be pored over, just as in America for SCOTUS.

The common law has been politicised, and Judge Brenda has politicised it.

Thin end of the wedge.



Just like Boris did in February in the 12 days off?



So many of the feminists on my LLB idolise her. You should see their faces when I demolish her judgements and praise the likes of Lord Wilson and Lord Reed as far more influential jurists.


Lady Hale




Does everyone on the bus clap?



A liberal SJW human rights lawyer professor and abortion doctor was teaching a class on Brenda Hale, known feminist.

“Before the class begins, you must get on your knees and worship Lady Hale and accept that she was the most highly-evolved judge the world has ever known, even greater than Lord Sumption!”

At this moment, a brave, patriotic, pro-Brexit champion who understood the necessity of the 1689 Bill of Rights and fully supported all EU negotiation strategies pursued by the Johnson government stood up and held up an order of prorogation.

“How valid is this prorogation?”

The arrogant professor smirked quite feministly and smugly replied “It’s void and unlawful”

“Wrong. It’s been 1000 years since the Magna Carta gave us Parliamentary sovreignty. If it was void, as you say, then Parliament would have said so.”

The professor was visibly shaken, and dropped her chalk and copy of Equal to Everything. She stormed out of the room crying those liberal crocodile tears.

The students applauded and all joined the Brexit Party that day and accepted Farage as their lord and savior. An eagle named “Singapore style Deregulation” flew into the room and perched atop the English flag and shed a tear on the chalk. I vow to thee my country was read several times, and God himself showed up and instituted a flat tax rate.



What the hell is this shite



Please do not try to write again. If you cannot stop writing – become a corporate lawyer and only write precedent based SPAs.



Leave the writing to Frustrated Writer please.



Savage bantz my good old boy, 9/11.



Anyone with a decent knowledge of constitutional and administrative law knew there was a fair chance of the outcome on prorogation when the government failed to provide any reasons for it. Of course, they could not provide reasons because Boris and Rees-Mogg were lying, as the Inner House had called out.



I think most constitutional lawyers thought the opposite.

Interesting that the most senior judge in England and Wales together with two LJs thought the prorogation lawful.

Hales’ judgment was shot through with holes.

I have no idea what HM the Queen’s politics are and that’s the way it should be. Perhaps that comes from the confidence of knowing who she is and what is expected of her in her role.

Sadly Hale’s politics are in the shop window for all to see, just like Bercow’s, when they should not be.

She won’t be missed.



Anybody know the current NQ wedge at Vorys, Sater, Seymour & Pease LLP?


dan reed

poor attempt



Do you actually know what’s the NQ wedge there though? Rly wanna kno



I agree with many of your posts.
Brenda Hale has always been a pain in the neck.
Unlike other SC judges, she never really practised at the Bar & lacked courtroom experience.


Disappointed overall

Poor banter 2/10



Who wants to hear from this unelected senile horse?



That’s not a nice way to speak about Boris



The working title is “My Story : A Triumph Of Tokenism Over Talent”



“I was a member of BOTH the Socialist Workers Party and the Socialist Party (formerly the Militant) for 20-25 odd years alright since my University days, yet in NO way, absolutely no way at all, did those affiliations affect in any way my impartial judgement as a judge…

Yeah, right!



LOL at all the triggered men who will never be judges 😂



Totally. Anyone who doesn’t believe women should be put in charge of everything is an incel.


The Oracle

That Eagle thing up there is OUT OF THIS WORLD!

And bloody true! It was a purely political judgment and born of Remoaners! Well look where it got them!!

THEN THE PEOPLE SPOKE: kicked out the Rotten Parliament and consigned the b*llocks Miller-rant Judgment to the dustbin of history where it belonged!!

Hurrah for the People and Hurrah for Borris, the Old Etonian leading the Peasant’s Revolt!!


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