Parliament prorogation case racked up 30 million views, Supreme Court confirms

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Most viewed case of all time

Lady Hale delivering last month’s landmark judgment

The historic case concerning the prorogation of parliament was the Supreme Court’s most viewed ever, Legal Cheek can reveal.

The UK’s top court confirmed its official live stream attracted in excess of 29 million views over the course of the hearing which culminated in president Lady Hale (sporting her now-famous glittery spider brooch) delivering the unanimous ruling that the PM’s suspension of parliament was “unlawful”.

The three-day hearing pulled in varying figures each day. Twelve million tuned in on day one (the most viewings of any day) to witness the action (including #Bundlegate), while seven million watched the footage on day two.

On day three, five million streamed the case. The same number viewed the judgment the following day. Though, the Supreme Court concedes, this figure would’ve been higher, but due to unprecedented demand it was unable to capture all the requests. These figures do not include viewings via TV broadcasters Sky and the BBC.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson attempted to suspend parliament for five weeks in the run-up to Brexit. This decision was found to be “unlawful, void and of no effect”, and parliament resumed the day after the landmark ruling. The UK is set to leave the EU on 31 October.

These figures trump the Supreme Court’s previous record. On whether the government had the authority to trigger Article 50 to leave the EU, a case also brought by Gina Miller, the live feed received roughly 520,000 views.

Here are five highlights from the Supreme Court’s week in the spotlight.

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Lady Hale

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Lord Sumption



Mr Pooey Bum QC

on the plus side … 30 million witnesses to high treason.


Charideee Saint

And only about 100 of them understood what exactly was going on.

Might as well have broadcast it in High Valyerian.



It really was not that complicated. Incremental growth in justiciability to reflect modern law. Review engaged. No evidence to explain why something was done when its effects were significant to proper governance.


Lorna Jacobs

Indeed not so. The joy of the case was to see something apparently complicated explained so very clearly.


Pierre de Ronceval

Indeed so. The travesty of the case was to see something actually so simple messed up so very much like a dog’s breakfast.



CLEARLY you haven’t subscribed to Eve’s channel



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I have and also DMed her several times. Please respond!!



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Downvoted for being a prude.


Doreen Humphrey

Since when was our High Court a Hollywood spectical!
What a farce!



It’s not the High Court, and what’s a ‘ spectical ‘?



It was somewhat like watching a car crash and somewhat like watching paint dry – an unusual achievement.



It was like a comedy skit of “here’s what happens when you let a bunch of old boomers try to do law”


Stephen Hawkins (before he was replaced by a body double)

The silly broach in particular was very “boomer”


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