Simmons & Simmons apologises after employee’s dancing daughter takes over its Instagram account

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Working from home with kids during the COVID-19 lockdown can’t be easy.

By way of example, Simmons & Simmons has today apologised after an employee’s daughter performed a live dance routine on its official Instagram page.

Corporate Insta account ‘@simmons_simmonsllp’ is typically a place for the firm to share posts and stories of its lawyers’ achievements. This week, however, the firm’s followers were treated to a dance show from an unwitting star.

In footage of the incident, acquired by RollOnFriday, the girl can be seen grooving in a garden to grime artist Wiley’s 2012 banger Heatwave. The upbeat summer track features vocals from Ms D.

The girl’s impromptu dance is cut short when her mum steps in and stops the music. The daughter can be heard expressing her annoyance: “Muuum! What did you do?!”

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“Get off the phone,” the girl’s mother responds. She doesn’t. The young performer presses play and continues to livestream her fab dance moves with the firm’s 13 live viewers.

In search of her phone the mother asks her daughter: “Are you on Instagram?” She responds: “Yeah”. Her mum then gets a hold of the phone. “Are you on, um…”, she asks unnervingly. The girl then dashes off in giggles.

Her father then appears and shouts “Oi!”. “Wait, is this your work one?”, the girl asks innocently. “Yes!” he says sternly, to which the girl remarks “Oh”. The video then cuts.

“Sorry about the dancing child live post this week. Obviously not meant for our corporate account,” the London law firm posted on Instagram today. “The reality of working from home with kids around is posing a whole new world of challenges!”

But the firm’s followers praised the footage. “I happened to see it. It made me laugh so that’s good!” wrote one, while another said: “Gutted I missed it! Could you reissue please???”

A spokesperson for the firm told Legal Cheek:

“Like many others, we’re balancing working from home with keeping children occupied. Sometimes the two don’t always go hand in hand but we hope it has at least lightened the mood in these difficult times.”

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