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Law students embrace ‘Of Course’ TikTok trend

It didn't take long...

May 8 2024 8:57am

What acting out legal cases on TikTok has taught me about the potential of social media

Annabel Field, a graduate in history and currently pursuing her PGDL studies, shares her thoughts

Mar 11 2024 8:51am

Worst clubbers? Law students, says door supervisor in viral TikTok

'You're breaking the law not letting me into the club tonight...'

Sep 29 2023 8:55am

Meet the #Dayinthelife TikTokin’ lawyers

Legal profession 🤝 social media trend

Sep 28 2023 8:05am

LSE law grad ‘exposes’ uni stereotypes in hilarious TikToks 

Mary-Grace Olu has attracted over 90k followers with her tongue-in-cheek clips

Sep 15 2023 9:09am

US judge probed over lip-syncing TikToks

Follows complaint

Jul 5 2023 11:21am

Trainee lawyer besties give TikTok fans a look at life inside a US firm in London

Meet Akin rookies Rebecca McNeill and Simrhan Khetani -- aka 'becsandthecity'

Apr 21 2023 8:50am

Legal Cheek’s most viral ‘LawToks’

A look back at some our most popular content as we celebrate reaching 20k followers

Apr 18 2023 11:02am

Regional law firm becomes unlikely star of TikTok

Even the managing partner's dad is getting involved

Apr 14 2023 10:08am

TikTok gains its first big law firm

Will others follow?

Apr 4 2023 8:50am

10 ‘LawToks’ that accurately capture life as a wannabe lawyer

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Mar 30 2023 8:56am

Meet the Lambo-driving criminal law solicitor with over 100k followers on TikTok

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Mar 22 2023 8:55am

Law Society gets down with Gen Z lawyers on TikTok

200-year-old institution embraces popular social media platform

Mar 16 2023 10:38am

Rank your law school modules

'Dance Moms' TikTok trend given legal twist

Dec 8 2022 11:32am

Tributes pour in after TikTok star solicitor Richard Grogan dies

'We will miss his energy, humour, and deep commitment to the profession,' the Law Society of Ireland says

Nov 24 2022 9:22am

10 TikToks every law student can relate to

Documenting the highs and lows of LLB life one clip at a time

Nov 9 2022 11:15am