Law on lockdown: The dissertation pic round-up

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*Adds Photoshop skills to LinkedIn*

Before COVID-19, legal dissertations amounted to semester-long sentences, to be served in the law library.

For the many hard working, sleep-deprived and caffeine addicted students, hope could be found in the celebratory dissertation picture. Those struggling to battle their whopping word count, could find momentary strength in day-dreams of witty captions containing diss puns and ideal selfie-spots on campus.

But now under a different kind of lockdown, law students have had to abandon their pre-pandemic plans of viral diss pics as lectures, exams and dissertation hand-ins move online.

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And yet, despite the challenges of the ‘new normal’, celebrating law students have instead taken an inventive approach to their virtual dissertation snaps — while showing off their kitchens, living rooms, back gardens and impressive photoshop skills.

To celebrate their valiant efforts, Legal Cheek have rounded up the best legal dissertation pictures from lockdown.

Raphael Khoo, UCL

Chelsie Brandrick, University of York

Credit: Chelsie M. Brandrick (LinkedIn)

Yasemin Demirdoven, Teesside University

Credit: Yasemin Demirdoven (LinkedIn)

Ella Ferris, Cardiff University

Credit: Ella Ferris (LinkedIn)

Joe Lewin, King’s College London

Credit: Joe Lewin (LinkedIn)

Niamh McDonagh, University of Lincoln

Credit: Niamh McDonagh (LinkedIn)

Jessica Powell, University of Bedfordshire

Credit: Jessica Powell (LinkedIn)

Chloe Convery, University of Chester

Credit: Chloe Convery (LinkedIn)

Terri Gallagher, Northumbria University

Credit: Terri Gallagher (LinkedIn)

Jenna Leigh Rooney, Northumbria University

Credit: Jenna Leigh Rooney (LinkedIn)

Carmen Barragan Lopez, UCL

Credit: @carmenbarraganl (Instagram)

Meanwhile, across the pond, US law graduate Alexandra Lenczewski celebrated by throwing a mini-graduation for her classmates after the ceremony was postponed due to COVID-19 — cutting out 300 photos and lining them up alphabetically in her back garden (see video embedded below).

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A positive comment

Raphael’s are great! Well done everyone



Of course those at the top universities never have to think about a dissertation in the undergraduate degree. The handing in photos seem such a cute custom for those in the lower tiers.


Student at the University of Life

Some of them are “dissertations” in the sense they’re optional research modules. That’s the case for UCL at least.



Just another example of the “look at me” despite having achieved little culture of the day


Rolling my eyes

“Adds Photoshop Skills to LinkedIn”

Um, really? It would be nice if law firms recognise that having a presence on social media does not equate you to being a good lawyer.

It’s all because firms keep talking about ‘personal branding’ that we have many self-obsessed law students and legal bloggers. Sorry, but having many instagram posts proclaiming your love for the law won’t teach you good drafting skills. Would be nice if people stop mixing the two.



Just like how having an Instagram account on how someone’s studying their Economics degree won’t make them a good investment banker at Goldman Sachs.

Yet, in our legal profession, many people seem to take this train of thought. RIP.



To be fair, her post is technically about never having to go back to Northumbria


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