‘My online vac scheme is shorter — can I still ask the firm to pay me in full?’

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I budgeted on receiving a three-week salary

In the latest instalment in our Career Conundrums series, one wannabe lawyer has secured a summer vac scheme spot which is, thanks the pandemic, now shorter and online. But should she ask the firm to still pay her in full?

“I was due to start a three-week vacation scheme at a City law firm this summer and, due to COVID-19, it has been moved to a one-week virtual vacation scheme.

I had budgeted on receiving the £400 p/w salary (so £1,200) and now it’s been reduced to only £400. I’m starting third-year in September and was relying on the full sum to help with my uni living expenses. Now that the income has been reduced, I fall massively short of my budget which is hugely stressful.

Do you think it’s okay to ask the firm to stick to their original payment? I am lucky that in the holidays I live in London with my parents.”

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