Mills & Reeve keeps 16 out of 18 autumn NQs

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One on fixed-term deal

Mills & Reeve has become the second law firm to reveal its autumn 2020 trainee retention score.

From a September qualifying cohort of 18, the UK outfit has retained 16 rookies, one of which is on a fixed-term contract. This hands the firm, which dishes out around 20 TCs annually, a retention result of 89% or 83%, depending on how you interpret the numbers.

The outfit’s employment team takes the lion’s share of the newbies with six, while commercial, IP and IT (one team) and family take two apiece. The final six will be divided equally between insurance disputes; construction; projects; real estate; real estate disputes; and health litigation.

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Six newly-qualified (NQ) solicitors join the firm’s Cambridge office, five are Birmingham-bound and two will start lawyer life in Manchester. London and Norwich will receive one NQ each, while the final newbie will work across a number of the firm’s offices.

Legal Cheek‘s Firms Most List shows the firm’s latest recruits will start on a salary of £43,000. Trainees receive £27,000 in year one and £28,000 in year two.

Caroline Dean, partner and trainee principal at Mills & Reeve, commented: “Given the current unusual circumstances we are really pleased to be able to retain so many of our talented colleagues as associates, as they represent the long-term future of the firm.”

Last week Sidley Austin confirmed that all 11 trainee solicitors based in its London office had opted to stick around post-qualification. However, like Mills & Reeve, one associate-to-be is on a fixed-term deal.

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Kirkland 4PQE deal monster

“the firm’s latest recruits will start on a salary of £43,000”

That’s just under half of what I paid to have my fourth Lambo waxed and polished the other day. How quaint!

Kirkland & Ellis 3PQE (mortgaging 2nd holiday home)

Perks of working at a Top US shop, king. Keep your head high.

Mills & Reeves NQ’s aren’t exactly the most ambitious group by all considerations. I’m also cucking one of their gf’s. She can’t resist the K&E powerhouse.

Greenberg Glusker Titan

And while you’re doing that I am doing the same to you.


Circa 86k for a wax and polish? You’ve clearly been ripped off.

On another note, I find it hard to believe that you are crushing deals at K&E whilst leaving the same trash commentary on every post. Perhaps you are on your way out the door.

Enjoy your hotwheels lambo!


The polish is actually the fermented tears of SPB trainees.


The Kirkland lad does not work in any law firm. He is a 2nd year law student from East Anglia, who occasionally dons his polyester suit and brown shoes to temp in the legal department of the nearby local authority.


Any news from other firms?


To the guy driving all these lambos…

Cool story bro, changed my life.


It’s pathetic, isn’t it?

We don’t need Lambos here at Greenberg Glusker LLP. Our associates ride around in litters.


Surely your esteemed associates would prefer to be wheeled around in rickshaws pulled by one of our trainee coolie labourers? I can arrange this forthright if of interest.


We have tried trainee driven rickshaws as a part of our Go Green policy. Sadly rickshaws do not produce the same jaw dropping effect on the clients. Litters are the future of the Green lawyer transport.



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