‘Should I work as a paralegal at the firm I’ve secured a training contract with?’

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I planned to fill the gap with legal work but the job market is flat so options are limited, writes one Legal Cheek reader

In the latest instalment in our Career Conundrums series, one law student is looking to secure legal work ahead of starting their training contact next year. But should they apply for a paralegal role at their future firm or look elsewhere once the job market recovers?

“Blessed enough to have a TC with a City firm due to start next year, and finishing the LPC this month. I was planning on filling some of this gap with paralegal work, but the job market is quite flat at the moment. My TC firm has paralegal positions available, but I wondered (1) how people felt/insight into feelings of paralegaling with your future TC firm? (2) Do people think the general jobs market/paralegal market will open up in the near future (I have a 2:1 law degree from Cambridge and a likely distinction in the LPC)?”

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