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Weekly round-up of the top legal blogosphere posts

Young lawyers weigh career effects of kitchen table lockdown [Financial Times]

Coronavirus: ‘Why I want to prosecute Dominic Cummings’ [BBC News]

There is no prospect of bringing a private prosecution against Dominic Cummings [Barrister Blogger]

Has jury justice been sold off? [Prospect Magazine]

Policing during the pandemic: an insight into racism in the UK [Open Democracy]

MoJ accused of undermining independence of miscarriage watchdog and ‘clipping its wings’ [Justice Gap]

Secure your place: The Scottish Virtual Law Fair 2020

Book review: Why judges are not ‘Enemies of the People’ [Legal Cheek]

Coronavirus: recovering in our courts and tribunals [Inside HMCTS]

The UK 14-Day Quarantine Policy: Is Public Opinion a Relevant Consideration? [UK Constitutional Law Association]

Jury trials: apportioning guilt [Law Society Gazette]

“A client who got 7 years for a violent offence once told me that I could contact him if I ‘ever needed a favour’.” [Legal Cheek comments]

Sign up! The Legal Cheek UK Virtual Law Fair Series 2020 [Legal Cheek Events]

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