Family barristers star in Foo Fighters spoof music video

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3PB’s eye-catching music video includes a dog dressed as an alien

An ensemble of family barristers at 3PB have shown off their lip-syncing skills in a Foo Fighters inspired music video.

The clip spoofs the BBC Radio 1 star-studded music video of Foo Fighters’ Times Like These, the charity cover which saw pop icons each perform the song separately from their homes under lockdown.

In this fun parody (embedded below) members of 3PB’s family team each sing and dance along to the hit single, paying homage to the likes of Dua Lipa, Jess Glynne, Sean Paul, AJ Tracey and Chris Martin.

Fully embracing the spirit of Radio 1’s Live Lounge, the miming lawyers can be seen performing in their living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and back gardens, where they lip sync into a mix of hairbrushes, wine bottles and scrubbing brushes. A bunch of barristers also swap the formal court wear for studio-like headphones, backward-facing baseball caps, multi-coloured wigs and pairs of pop-star sunnies (worn indoors of-course).

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While some pretend to play along with musical instruments, others use props they had to hand — including a rowing machine, a pair of dumbbells, an iron, a hula hoop, and a dog dressed as an alien.

Filmed at the height of lockdown, the parody was “initially produced as internal, feel-good video”, a 3PB spokesperson tells Legal Cheek. The video has since been viewed over 3,400 times on YouTube.

The parody follows other efforts by musically-gifted lawyers to lift spirits under lockdown. As reported by Legal Cheek, last week the CMS choir debuted their original serenade to lawyer life. Earlier on in the lockdown, a criminal law teaching fellow at Keele University and former solicitor channeled her inner Eminem in criminal law rap.

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Showround @ Bakers

As if it wasn’t bad enough when CMS did this.


My ears live to fight another day

At least they had the good sense not to actually sing in this one.



To be fair, this is so much better than that CMS wagecuck kaka we all had the misfortune to see last week


Michael Martin

I think you take yourself too seriously, it’s only for fun.


Michael Martin

It’s only for fun.


Top journalism

3PB’s video was published back on 17 May…Glad to see LC is so up to date.



But then the family court judges had a little fight with each other as to whether it was public or not, so it had to be kept secret for six weeks for no good reason.



funny video


But head

I like it



Basement rocks!



Great video and lovely to see our KFC doing her basement banger thang


Handy Harvey QC

FANTASTIC video, love it, well put together even though the participants are barristers and aesthetically challenged.


Buddha of Bedford Row

Great video! They should do a version of who let the dogs out


Make Britain great again

This is why I love our chambers – fantastic KFC keep it going


The Shameful Raj

Nice video, inspirational. But what about diversity? no one from the ethnic minorities or women in the video.

Next,They should do a version of no vaseline by Ice Cube.


Lord Irvine of Temple

so proud of you, great video, please do a version of No Vaseline by Ice cube or its raining men!


Ms diversity

Well done Matt great effort getting this lot together in such a short period of time-Kudos to KFC for role-play


gentleman giles

This is my type of video -top class guys


Wiles of Giles

My favourite video, very uplifting. Next do a video of the extremely uplifting “Lovers in Japan” by Coldplay. That song uplifts me when I am down!


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