Law-themed face masks are now a thing

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Credit: WanderShopGoods via Etsy

With face masks now part of daily life for many, it was only a matter of time before they received the law treatment.

Yes, that’s right. Numerous websites are capitalising on law students (and lawyers) love of the law with eye-catching legally-themed face coverings.

Take this rather fetching ‘Future Lawyer’ number for example.

Credit: DivineDesignsByKrys via Etsy

Or how about this mask? Perfect for the criminal lawyer in your life.

Credit: WanderShopGoods via Etsy

Love law and unicorns? They’ve got you covered (sorry!)

Credit: KassieKewlKreations via Etsy

Just graduated? Here’s the mask for you…

‘Everything’s on fire!’

Credit: First look via Tee Public

The use of face coverings became mandatory in enclosed public spaces including supermarkets, banks and post offices on July 24. HM Courts & Tribunals Service is also asking members of the public to wear a face covering in communal parts of court buildings, although those giving evidence in the courtroom may be required to remove it temporarily.

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