Love Island solicitor Rosie Williams to launch lawyer-inspired clothing line

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‘I found it impossible to find really nice workwear that wasn’t going to break the bank’, she tells Legal Cheek

Rosie Williams (image credit: @rosieawilliams)

Former Love Island contestant Rosie Williams has designed a clothing line inspired by her time practising as a solicitor.

‘White Collar’, which officially drops tomorrow, offers a range of fashionable but formal workwear aimed towards professional women.

According to the solicitor-turned-social-media-influencer, the fashion line includes ‘White Collar Classics’, a standard mix-and-match range of tops, shirts and skirts which all together create 65 looks. Meanwhile, the premium ‘Boardroom Collection’ contains more formal pieces.

Williams, who trained with Manchester law firm Just Costs Solicitors and was only three months qualified before entering Love Island in 2018, recalls that office chic was difficult to come by. The now-fashion designer tells Legal Cheek:

“I never found a specific store or an online retailer that I could go to get those sorts of clothes. I found it impossible to find really nice workwear that wasn’t going to break the bank but still looked quite smart and premium.”

Shopping around wasn’t easy either. “I would only really find the time, to be honest, to go shopping if it was in my lunch hour,” says Williams. “And even then as a solicitor you don’t always get a lunch hour, it’s at your desk.”

The former solicitor previously described working 18-hour days and having sleepless nights — which left her little time to search for the perfect outfit, let alone the perfect man.

White Collar also aims to tackle a classic workwear conundrum: comfort. “My shirts obviously fitted perfectly when I stood up but when I sat down all day I found that they would pull on the back, felt like they might rip and that was really, really uncomfortable,” says Williams. The new collection — which runs in sizes 6 to 18 — includes shirts with added stretch, making it comfier for desk-bound workers sat in front of a computer all day.

A sneak peek of the collection (image credit: @whitecollar)

It appears that dressing up can also make you a better lawyer. Williams recalls feeling more motivated on Monday mornings — wearing heels, pencil skirts or trousers — than she did on dress-down Fridays. She adds:

“It made being in work a bit more exciting as well — I felt like I was doing a professional job, I felt more the part.”

Opting for sophisticated and smart over casual office garb is important especially when it comes to making first impressions, says Williams — as captured by the header in White Collar’s Instagram bio: ‘A Statement Without Speaking’.

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Though many offices remain closed following COVID-19, Williams believes that sprucing up your working-from-home wardrobe can increase productivity — even if it’s just the top half of your body.

Meanwhile, with schools set to re-open in September, Williams hopes that working parents will look to buy new office uniform. “Just like they go and buy their children’s school uniform and pencil cases this time of year, maybe they can then think about buying new workwear for themselves,” she says.

Williams hasn’t completely got away from sleepless nights as she manages White Collar alongside her main Instagram account, which has nearly 800,000 followers. She says:

“If you want to be successful at anything, you have to put everything into it. But I never really stop now — probably just as busy as I was back then.”

Asked if she plans on returning to law, Williams replies, “I never want to say never — I still love it”, adding that becoming a solicitor “is still my proudest achievement”. For now, she’s enjoying making use of her organisational and legal skills as she prepares for the next collection dropping in November, designed in mind for Christmas parties and work-dos. For our male readers — don’t fret, a men’s range will be dropping next year.

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I think Legal Cheek are trolling us now.



Those 3 suits from the insta page ?



Great for days when you want to go direct to the speakeasy for some moonshine with Al Capone after work


Al Capone

They look more like prohibition-era bank robbers



‘I found it impossible to find really nice workwear that wasn’t going to break the bank’

Ermmm H&M? Even Primark do decent work wear skirts and dresses? It’s not difficult finding cheap professional workwear for women… it’s a lot harder for men because you can tell the difference between a cheap suit and an expensive one straight away but women get away with that a lot more. Simple black/navy blue knee length dress and tights and you’re good



Seriously? Primark and H&M workwear is unbelievably poor quality and they only really sell it around September, when all the kids are trying to find clothes for sixth form (because that’s their main market, let’s be honest). The only other option is spending a fortune at Hobbes or Jigsaw which isn’t affordable for everyone. There really is no ‘middle of the road’ option, except maybe Next which isn’t really spoiling you for choice



Shut up.

You’re complaining that H&M workwear is poor quality but you’re defending a fast fashion brand that is affordable on the basis that the clothing is clearly going to be cheaper quality??? Make it make sense.



What?? You had your coffee yet Jane?

This person is stating there isn’t an in-between, that’s the problem. There are plenty of middle stores in-between fast fashion and designher/high end, they just don’t do workwear (which is the POINT)


Florence Beatrice Clegg

‘Making use of her organisational and Legal skills’

Totally not a cliche statement that every rookie puts in their first ever vac scheme application



Perfect time to launch a formal office wear collection…in the era of WFH!


Fact, Fiction or Foreign Jurisdiction?

Good luck to her in taking this forward, starting up a business is never easy.

However, is now the time for it?

With the switch to WFH, which is likely to continue to some extent going forward, the need for smart wear in the office has definitely fallen away.

I (James) work at WBD and even before lockdown we didn’t wear suits unless absolutely necessary. I just don’t see that formal wear is going to be as important moving forward.

(Also, check out our podcast:


Listened to 1 episode

You desire credit for being so thirsty for promoting your podcast. Have you thought about spamming Eve’s youtube and instagram comments?


Fact, Fiction or Foreign Jurisdiction?

Maybe we need to hire you as our marketing manager…

Although, would that require us posting photos of our latest haircuts and fashion trends, because we’re all looking a mess since we stopped having to come into the office…



Got a while between 1 April mate



Good luck Rosie! A recession is a great time to start a business and office wear is due a shake-up.


Legal Negative 500

Anybody know the NQ rate at Just Costs Solicitors and whether the NQs are on fixed term contracts?



About £180k base, and another ~£50k as a “exceptional top performance” bonus. Finest firm in suburban Manchester I tells ya.



18 hour days at Just Cost Solicitors is questionable



Those suits are ???????????????????


Com Ershall

This is what we mean when we talk about *commercial awareness*



No, commercial awareness involves being aware of commercial issues, like not setting up a workware business whilst everyone is at home in their PJs.


Legal Intent

After months of being on Teams and Zoom I can’t think of anything better than dressing up for work. Fabulous style and I love the Wall Street chic. If the quality is what it looks this will definitely be in my wardrobe! Well done !



Rofl “Wall Street chic”

Ever actually been to Wall Street? Are you high lmao?


Legal Intent

Yep on many occasions and high, why such a derogatory remark have you no manners? I was making an observation yet you feel the need to make personal remarks?


(Female) London Counsel

Great idea but those outfits? Really? ??


Rufus Scrimgeour

Perfect for the Ministry of Magic


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