9 things City lawyers miss about the office — as told by The Office GIFs

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With help from Michael Scott and the gang

What’s not to enjoy about working from home during the pandemic?

Better work-life balance, increased productivity and no more soul-sucking commute. Out with the old office and in with the New Normal, am I right?

Perhaps not. The absence of an office has left many home-working lawyers reminiscing about the simple things they once took for granted.

To those out of the loop, allow us to bring you up to speed. Here are 9 things City lawyers miss about the office, as told by GIFs from the iconic mockumentary, The Office (sorry Ricky Gervais fans, but the US remake is better).

1. Ergonomic office chairs

A moment of silence for your posture.

2. A decent cup of coffee

Getting your morning caffeine-fix from an instant cup of gruesome granules just isn’t the same.

3. A decent desk

Face it, your standing desk back at the office gives your home set-up an inferiority complex.

4. More space to actually work

Day 324320 working from the cupboard under your stairs.

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5. City views

The Shard > your neglected garden.

6. Asking your colleagues questions face-to-face

There’s no such thing as a quick and easy question over email.

7. In-person peer support

When the pressure gets too much, nothing beats an actual (and not virtual) shoulder to cry on.

8. Office bantaaa

Remember a time when bants wasn’t just putting ‘lol’ at the end of every sentence on Microsoft Teams? So nostalgic.

9. Team socials

From your team lunches to your afterwork drinks, letting lose with your corporate comrades is one office perk that no Zoom quiz can match. Please keep the Christmas party in your prayers.

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I know it’s unpopular to say but I hope to god that we do eventually go back to the office more or less in full. WFH really sucks for junior lawyers. My impression is that while associates with young families would rather stay at home forever, the partners who love their jobs can’t wait to get back.


Junior lawyer

Without a doubt, junior lawyers / trainees lose out the most from not being in the office. You really can’t replace a quick pop-in to someone’s office with a quick Teams call.

But why are you hoping we will all be forced to go back at some point? In my ideal world, the trainees and their direct supervisors / mentors would go back, say, 3 times per week, while for everyone else it would be entirely optional; 0 days or 5 days, whatever is your preference.

This way those people who love WFH and are spending more time with their loved ones than they ever thought possible a daily basis can keep doing so, while those that like the office can go back, and trainees are also taken care of.



If you were wondering why the content on this site was so dire, the revelation in this article that the Legal Cheek “journos” consider the US office to be better than the UK version is basically the best explanation you could hope for.



Harsh but so, so true.




Quite. When I saw the headline I assumed it was Office UK…



£70k+ to sit at home with low work levels and more time to spend with family/friends and keep fit. Plus saving hundreds a month on travel/food/drinks. It’s really tough for lawyers. #justiceforlawyers



As city lawyers we can afford coffee machines at home. Instant would never pass my lips.



You just keep telling yourself that your Nespresso machine is decent coffee.



I mean, our work coffee machines are nespresso machines. So if that’s your view the point in the article about coffee is still wrong.



Or make your own actual coffee without using a machine. Only downside being the time it takes. But you can always shove an extra 20 units into a time ledger somewhere.


Skadden slave

It’s all about the billables brah



Instant coffee is for proles with no taste. Never trust someone who drinks instant.


Kirk NQ

I miss my lambo and smashing PE deals left right and centre in the Gherkin



Here is a tip. Buy a decent chair, a decent desk and get a coffee grinder and cafetiere. First three problems sorted.


David (me, not another man called David)

Oi Brent, is all you care about chasing the yankee dollar?!



Tha’ t’ain’t t’Office, sithee!


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