Future Pinsent Masons trainee to fund law scholarship with proceeds of new book

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Matthew Berrick’s Legal Insider provides ‘unfiltered insights’ from top City lawyers

A future Pinsent Masons trainee solicitor is to fund a law scholarship with the proceeds of his new book.

Matthew Berrick will donate all royalties and proceeds from the sale of Legal Insider, a paperback that aims to provide a collection of “unfiltered insights” from lawyers at top law firms and in-house legal teams, to create a scholarship to support GDL and LPC students.

“I felt that I was very lucky to have secured a training contract with a firm that would be willing to sponsor me and pay for my GDL and LPC”, Berrick, a recent graduate from the University of Leeds, told Legal Cheek, adding:

“With COVID-19 creating increasing challenges for students aspiring to break into the profession, the scholarship fund is aimed at enhancing accessibility.”

Our Law School Most Lists show the cost of course fees alone for the GDL and LPC at the most expensive provider can amount to just under £30,000.

Once the funds are in Berrick said he plans to create an application process for students to apply for funding. He will appoint a group of academics and lawyers to oversee and review the process.

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The 135-page book was published last month, and features insights from lawyers at Norton Rose Fulbright, Akin Gump and Baker McKenzie, among others, as well as in-house lawyers at the likes of Channel 4, Uber and the BBC. It has received the backing of New York Times bestselling author Dave Kerpen, who described the book as “a must-read for current and future lawyers”.

Berrick’s book offers careers and commercial awareness advice, and is aimed at students with an interest in commercial law, and whom want to train as solicitors. It features insights from paralegals at City law firms who have gone on to obtain training contracts, as well as advice for trainees preparing for qualification.

“The objective of this book is to connect legal professionals at different stages in their careers to you, the reader,” Berrick writes. “Each professional will share their insight, having made career moves that you might or might not have experienced or considered.”

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Sounds like a good idea for a book. Congrats to him.


Get a proper mentor

Regardless of the book’s quality, this trend of future trainees dishing out advice (often at a price) is disturbing.


Why are you salty tho

Sure, get a proper mentor but what’s the harm in this book? It might even shed light on how to get a legal mentor for all any of us know. Based on the above he interviewed solicitors and others within the sector. The insights he’s collated will hopefully prove more helpful to those seeking TCs than the LC comment section or student room. Doesn’t read to me like this person’s an aspiring legal influencer as much as it sounds like he spent time interviewing others AND writing a book in addition to whatever else he was doing.

I know several people who could benefit from a book like this. That it was written by a future trainee is not insignificant. Obviously, he attained a TC, so whether he goes on to be a successful solicitor or author, he has successfully gone through a process that thousands have not.

Speaks volumes that the LC comment section can’t even take a positive—a future trainee starting a scholarship—without shitting on it. He’s done more than the Secret Barrister has.


Matthew Berrick

A great point. I have produced over 15 documents ranging from 20-150 pages of free guides to aspiring solicitors. If you would like to access those please let me know. Also, I have never made a profit from any document or service provided. I have always tried to pay forward everything I have ever learned from others. Thank you for your feedback.



Good on him. He is not pocketing the proceeds, and the book features insights from existing solicitors – unlike many so called application guides that do not.



I’m a solicitor. My insight is that I HATE how demanding clients are.


Qualified Lawyer

The trainee is not dishing out advice. The book contains insights from qualified lawyers many of whom are actually in senior positions. The trainee just had the brilliant idea of collating these insights into a book to provide helpful knowledge to aspiring lawyers, and donating the proceeds. Completely different from other future trainees dishing out advice on their instagram to get more followers.


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