Junior barrister imagines Boris Johnson and top Tory MPs as fictional QCs in hilarious Twitter thread

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Filled with plenty of QC quips and lawyer in-jokes

Have you ever wondered how Boris Johnson and other members of the Conservative party would act if they were lawyers?

Well, thanks to Joanna Hardy, a junior criminal barrister at Red Lion Chambers, you don’t have to. In a hilarious Twitter thread posted this morning, which has since received over 1,000 likes and nearly 300 retweets, Hardy imagines the Prime Minister and other top Tory MPs as fictional criminal barristers.

Filled with plenty of QC quips and lawyer in-jokes, here is a round-up of Hardy’s thread.

Rishi Sunak QC is a smoothie

BoJo QC will mess it up 90% of the time

Michael Gove QC can get you out of slippery situations

Prosecutor Priti Patel is a non-negotiator

Notorious question dodger Dominic Raab will grill witnesses

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Dominic Cummings isn’t a lawyer, but turns up to court anyway

No, Liz Truss, this case is not about cheese

Grant Shapps QC thinks he’s smoother then he actually is

Failing Grayling can’t find the right courtroom

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Dominic Cummings is the guy in the bad suit sitting at the back who has some connection with the credit hire company.



Tories really are a nasty bunch. I think it is unconscionable to vote for them and I feel disgusted by various acquaintances who do.



I think most would agree, but unfortunately no viable alternative was offered at the last election.


Ted and Roy

Sometimes I think you’re a dream.

You can always churn the goods out.

We can depend upon you.

Clicking in the day, flashing in the night, your computer is shining brightly.

Some people say you’ve a mind of your own, and I think that’s very likely.


80s kid

I got the Bertha TV show reference!

What’s my prize?


John Curran

Hilarious aka total sh1te.


The QC’s Only Fans Account

It’s very sad to see how much validation barristers constantly crave from strangers on the internet.



Strangers on the internet …….. such a generous supportive and forgiving audience


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