London lawyer sues Dumbledore actor

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Former Clyde & Co associate Toby Clouston claims his foot was run over by Harry Potter movie star Sir Michael Gambon

Dumbledore – Credit: Warner Bros/Everett Collection

Dumbledore actor Sir Michael Gambon is reportedly being sued for £55,000 after allegedly running over the foot of a former Clyde & Co associate.

Toby Clouston, who is now legal counsel at a London-based aviation company, says the incident occurred in April 2017 and left him with “a broken ankle, ligament damage and permanent mental anxiety”, The Sun newspaper reports.

Gambon — an 80-year-old actor known best for portraying Hogwarts headmaster Albus Dumbledore in the Harry Potter film franchise — reportedly did not notice when his 4×4 hit Clouston, who was sat on a bicycle outside his home in Shepherds Bush, West London.

In papers submitted to Central London County Court, Clouston’s lawyer Tom Collins said: “The Land Rover which was being driven by Sir Michael Gambon drove into Mr Clouston, running over his right foot.”

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“As a result he fell to his left with the bicycle between his legs and into a parked car,” Collins continued. “Sir Michael continued to proceed along the road until Mr Clouston managed to attract his attention.”

Clouston, 39, claims he now has difficulties standing and exercising, suffers from “travel anxieties” and worries about cars while cycling. Clouston believes his condition is likely to be permanent.

The Sun further claims there has been “admission of liability” on behalf of the veteran actor by his insurers. However, the court has heard that the insurers do not accept Clouston’s account and may call in their own medical experts to verify his claims. The case continues.

Clouston didn’t respond to Legal Cheek’s requests for comment.

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Hammond & May LLP

Did it happen when he was a star in a reasonably priced car?


Clarkson & Co

Who is stupid enough to step out into Gambon corner???


His Naughtiness the Master of Mirth and Mayhem, Professor Alan Blacker, Grand High Wizard, Scourge of the Dursley’s, Liberator of Azkaban, Order of the Rubber Bloomers

This is about me because of the Harry Potter reference.


Top boi

Hope this dumb fck geezer does time for injuring that poor yet incredible young lawyer! Such an unspeakable act!



Please work on your spelling before you comment. Thank you and also watch your language



Didn’t we all read Order of the Phoenix and see how Dumbledore can act in front of the wizarding high court? Good luck suing him.



Surely one trip to Madame Pomfrey would have sorted this all out.



‘Their own medical experts’. They sound independent.



Never liked him as Dumbledore anyway



So its a quantum dispute…

Wheres the news?



Travel Anxieties………Oh really !!!


Hogwarts student




Welcome to the layer cake, son.


Archibald Pomp O'City

The insurers pay the bill so who cares?


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