Trump is not the President!

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So Legal Cheeker returns with another poem

Lines written on the descension from the throne of Donald John Trump.

So, farewell then, Donald Trump.
Once you were the President of the United States,
But now you are not.

You were in a race against Joe Biden,
But you did not win the race.
Biden was the winner
And he is now the President.

Mr ex-President, you said, when acceding to the throne four years ago,
That you would seek common ground.
Not hostility.
Not conflict.

But instead you fomented hatred.
You espoused racism and white supremacy.
You did not make America great again.

What will you do next?
No one can be sure, but you have promised litigation.

This might prove to be fake news,
But one thing is certain.
You lost the battle for a second term.
You are therefore a loser.

By E. J. Donald the Last (Term).

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Former vp biden is not my President! I have many friends/family members who got robbed from voting! One in particular requested an absentee ballot; it never arrived. When they contacted the Board of Elections they were told they already have voted! What a fraudulent election. democrats would not allow republicans observers to view ballot counting-only from a very far distance. Some votes counted had “x” for a signature and was counted, What About All mailings that took place, just sending out absentee ballots TO DEAD ☠️ people who died from the Covid-19. Board of Elections NEVER REMOVED the names, before sending out general ballots and some people Voted two and three times(thus was reported directly from the media.-and the people we arrested for Fraud!) What a Fraudulent socialist democratic sick election. Never saw so much lying, and fraudulent things in the one sided democrats…..they never got over President Trump’s election.
Also, where are all the Military Ballots?
What a disgrace for our Country!
President Trump must recount votes and be verified as to signatures.


John Smith from England

Well done, comrade. 46 roubles have been added to your account.



Putinbot? Fly-over state redneck cut and pasting what a Putinbot wrote? Or a basic racist Fox News watching bigot?

I’m going Putinbot as there is not a single reference here to anything specific.


Legal beagle

Read up on your politics, you will see that Trump uses tactics VERY similar to a Fascist regime. He lost. Deal with it. And they call democrats sheep, LOL.


Alan R

I was going to write a poem about Trump; but I’m struggling with a rhyme for ‘orange’.



Maybe something that rhymes with “punt”?



What about “Porridge”?



No thanks, bacon roll and mug of tea for me please.


Madison, J.

Er, I think you’ll find Trump *is* the president. Biden (assuming he is picked by the Electoral College in December) doesn’t take office until 20 January.


Billiam Worsworth

Here’s a poem for you

Look at me
I’m LC
Cringe worthy
Virtue signalling lefty



I too hate the left and their democratic processes. Show me where in the constitution it says people in america should be able to vote and have their vote counted.


Trump supporter

”You espoused racism and white supremacy”. Please explain/provide evidence that Donald Trump did this? People always make this absurd claim because it’s fashionable but when has Donald Trump ever done anything which remotely promotes white supremacy?


Q Anonynonnie

I don’t know maybe when he defended the white suprematists in Charlottesville at the “unite the right” rally as “very fine people” or when he refused to condemn the Proud Boys when he debated Biden…



He absolutely played the dog whistle on an almost daily basis and galvanised the far right groups. He knew exactly what he was doing.



Does the writer realise that Trump is the President, and will be untill next year?



Has everyone noticed how the media is unanimously castigating Trump for alleging fraud “without evidence.”

Strange that. Many of them spent four years accusing him of conspiring with Russia without evidence. And the less said about golden showers the better.



For Russia though, there was some evidence, which is why the investigation started:

– Russia interfered in the election to try and get Trump elected, as concluded by every US intelligence agency and the Muller report.
– As the Russian interference was ongoing, Trump called for Putin to find Hillary’s emails on live television.
– Don Jr took a meeting in which he had been told he was being offered dirt on Hillary that had been obtained by the Russian government.
– Paul Manafort was passing internal polling data from the campaign to the GRU.
– Carter Page was mixed up with Russian intelligence operatives.
– Multiple people in the Trump orbit lied to authorities about contact with Russians with ties to Russian intelligence (most notably Flynn)
– Trump fired Comey and later told the world it was because of the Russia investigation.

Now, the investigation ultimately concluded that there had been no conspiracy or agreement between the Trump campaign and the Russian government. That’s obviously fine- if the investigation happens and concludes that there was no conspiracy, so be it. But you can’t say that there was no cause for the investigation to take place. There were red flags aplenty, and the largest part of the investigation (into the interference itself) did find that crimes were committed.

I’ve always thought that the whole thing could have gone a lot better for Trump if he had said at the outset “we had nothing to do with this, but it is right that Russian interference be investigated and we look forward to having our name cleared.” He didn’t do that, not his style I guess, and decided to go to war with the FBI and the US intelligence agencies who were telling him that Russia interfered in the election. Unsurprisingly, many people interpreted his scorched earth tactics against Comey and Muller as a sign he had something to hide.



Come on, how can you write this when there has been a FRAUD by the mass media and the leftist hacks who want to see socialism installed and good American values attacked? I am a patriot and don’t believe for a second Biden played fair. He is crooked and stole the election from Trump. All will be revealed in Court. There is no smoke without fire. Convenient timing about this vaccine too. Sounds like a big hoax to me. They can control your mind via the media and try to make you take a happy pill, but that won’t work with me. I can’t wait for Trump to prevail and for sanity to be restored. This last week has been MAD.



You’re going to be waiting a long time, Alice.


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