Former ‘Lord of LinkedIn’ Alan Blacker resurfaces on TikTok

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Struck off solicitor directs fans to flashy legal website

TikToks posted by the account ‘Dr. Blacker’

Alan Blacker, aka Lord Harley, appears to have resurfaced on social media platform TikTok, four years after the eccentric solicitor was struck off the roll.

Operating under the TikTok name ‘Dr. Blacker’, the former lawyer has posted a number of selfie-style video clips since joining the popular video platform last year.

In one clip, posted last month and viewed some 300 times, Blacker offers up the legal definition for criminal damage before encouraging his fellow TikTokers to visit his website


♬ original sound – Dr. Blacker

The site, which Legal Cheek first reported on back in 2019, describes itself as the “nation’s leading Legal Advice Service for those who are vulnerable or who work with the socially marginalised”. Blacker — who was struck off in 2016 after multiple misconduct charges were proven by the Solicitors Regulation Authority — offers “a wide range of consulting services for several industries not least the legal and educational”, according to the site.

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In another TikTok, a bespectacled Blacker expresses a desire to provide “free legal advice clips” but that he requires at least 1,000 followers in order to do so.


♬ original sound – Dr. Blacker

In a further non-legal clip Blacker appears as the sun from the children’s TV show The Teletubbies.



♬ original sound – Dr. Blacker

This isn’t the first time the now former solicitor’s social media exploits have caught the attention of Legal Cheek.

After Blacker hit headlines in 2014 following a bust-up with Judge Wynn Morgan at Cardiff Crown Court, we stumbled upon his rather epic LinkedIn page. Highlights at the time included being a Transactional Analysis Psychoanalytical Psychologist; a Fellow of the Zoological Society of London; a Licensed Boiler Examiner; and a Stanford University graduate, among many (many) other things.

A screenshot of Blacker’s LinkedIn page

Blacker has been approached for comment.

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Oh good heavens, the lack of self awareness!


The bare chested look is not good. He needs to put on a Harry Potter robe.


The king is back.

Travelling Gavel

Did I hear that correctly? Criminal Damage is when you have passed title to a purchaser and cannot exercise a lien? Erm… I’m pretty sure that wasn’t the definition of Criminal Damage when I studied…

Travelling Gavel

Apparently he is a third tier judge of appeal… is that the Court of Appeal then?

“Lord Harley’s areas of speciality:

Human Rights, Social Justice, Mental Health and Vulnerable People.

Children and education law including child protection and children with learning disabilities.
Psychological injury and Severe Physical Injury
Military law and armed forces discipline and grievance procedures
Employment Law. Consumer Law, civil and criminal. Criminal Law.
Charity, Company, Commercial, Administrative Law and Public Law.
Experienced as an Arbitrator, also practices mediation and adjudication.
Sits as a Third Tier appeal judge on education and related areas of law.
Independent examiner and expert. Charity Books and Forensic reports.

Source: (redirected from

Only Fans next?

So he has exactly the same narcissism and need for the dopamine rush of social media as real lawyers do?


This is just sad. The guy clearly needs help.

Dave Barrister

‘Our webchat and telephone lines are open Tuesday 11:00 till 14:00″

…well at least there’s not much chance of too many being led astray


The LinkedIn profile was good value, can’t deny that, but this seems a bit much.


Rather concerning but on the website it also says all their experts are qualified, implying legally qualified as that is what it keeps mentioning. Mind you it doesn’t actually specify, allow Mr Blacker to skirt around the rules again.


Still, he would not break down in a fit if he was asked to draft a memo instead of a letter in an exam.


In one of his TikToks, there can be seen in the background a wall absolutely full of certificates. Prominently displayed is a solicitor’s practising or admission certificate. He was struck off in 2016 but still has his PC on his (bedroom?) wall?

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