From bagging TCs to battling imposter syndrome — readers’ 2021 New Year’s resolutions revealed

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By Adam Mawardi on

New Year, new me

New Year’s Resolutions. Easy to make, but notoriously hard to keep.

But if 2020 taught us anything, it’s the importance of slowing down, reflecting and prioritising self-care. And with the coronavirus vaccine reminding us all that there is life after lockdown, 2021 presents the perfect opportunity to set and commit to self-improvement goals.

With that in mind, we asked law students and aspiring lawyers to share their 2021 resolutions on Instagram.

Resolutions to secure a training contract, vacation schemes and even places on first year insight schemes stood out. One user committed to “submit at least one well thought out TC app per week”, before stressing “this is my year”. Another positive vac scheme hunter added they were “manifesting that dream this year”.

Meanwhile, one savvy respondent, as if they were battling it out on The Apprentice, said their goal is to “try and compete with other LLB, LLM and LLM graduates”.

Wannabe barristers also set their sights high, with many hoping to pass the bar and secure pupillage. Meanwhile, one barrister-to-be revealed their resolution is to “be more confident before starting pupillage and get rid of that imposter syndrome”.

A few graduates also hoped to get any type of legal job in 2021. “I’m lucky to currently have a job but it’s not law related,” one added. We wish this person luck and remind them, in a true Taken fashion, to flag their particular set of transferable skills.

Actually getting through law degrees was also a popular 2021 goal. A user told us they wanted to “try and stay motivated to study/keep going with my LPC with everything going on.” Similarly, we saw resolutions to “stop missing deadlines”, “pass my exams” and to actually “graduate”. Another pledged to “sleep more” — to which we then asked if library naps still count.

Others shared more practical goals. One wanted to “read more law related books in their free time”, though another person with the same goal noted they were “already struggling to find the motivation to do so”.

Also keeping it practical was one commenter who hopes to “not look at my phone while studying” — a tough task that was even met with tips from other Instagram users. According to the advice we received, if you too are fighting the urge to scroll on your smartphone, try familiarising yourself with the Pomodoro time management technique; downloading study focus apps, such as Forest or Flora; or even simpler, switching off your phone.

Perhaps the most realistic resolution we received was to “sit at home till corona is gone”. Well, following Monday’s announcement of a third national lockdown, it appears that for the time being this a goal we’ll all be committing to.

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