Wetherspoon to remove lockdown sceptic posters — including one featuring Lord Sumption

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‘It is fair to say that a few of the comments are out of date’, says pub spokesperson

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Wetherspoon says it will remove a series of lockdown-sceptical posters from its pub windows, including one featuring former Supreme Court justice Lord Sumption.

The unlikely alliance came about after the pub chain’s magazine, Wetherspoon News, reproduced a series of articles that criticise the government’s approach to the coronavirus pandemic.

Among the articles, many of which have been printed off and placed in pub windows, is The Telegraph piece headlined, ‘Lord Sumption: Ministers stoked fear to justify lockdowns’.

The article, first published in October, picked up on comments made by the former Supreme Court justice during an online lecture organised by Cambridge University.

As reported by Legal Cheek at the time, seventy-one-year-old Sumption accused ministers of displaying a “cavalier disregard for the limits of their legal powers”, arguing that the government had no power to pass lockdown regulations under the Public Health Act.

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The pub paper also features articles from The Sunday Times, The Guardian, New Statesman and The Independent, as well a piece penned by company chairman Tim Martin.

“It is fair to say that a few of the comments are out of date,” a spokesperson for Wetherspoon told The Independent. “We intend to take the posters down from all Wetherspoon pubs in the next few days.”

They added: “It is vital in a democracy to have an informed debate. As a result there may be an opportunity to replace the posters with more up-to-date articles in due course.”

Figures yesterday revealed a further 529 people have died in the UK after testing positive for coronavirus, while another 46,169 cases were reported. This brings the UK death toll to 81,960.

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Just Anonymous

Lord Sumption’s analysis remains as valid today as it was in October.

The government has stoked fear to justify lockdown. The government has shown a cavalier disregard for Parliamentary democracy and the limits of its legal powers. The economic costs of this lockdown are collosal.

These restrictions may well be justified right now due to the particular pressure the NHS is under. However, by the Spring, we should be seeing the effects of the vaccine and a consequential lifting of the restrictions. My fear is that the Government (and certain sections of the population) are now so focussed on minimising covid deaths (above all other considerations) that the restrictions will be lifted far more slowly than they should be.


Critical Thinking

Sumption is a pompous oaf who receives far too much attention simply because he has written history books and wears funny ties, both formerly as a sideline to his day job writing fairly dubious judgments.

He has now progressed from dubious judgments to entirely spurious, sometimes incoherent newspaper articles – not precisely a seamless transition but he was carrying it off to much misplaced acclaim before being proven utterly, undeniably, absolutely and shamefully wrong by the second wave of CoViD.



While Barton v Wright Hassall was probably the worst decision in the history of the Supreme Court, Sompting is mostly correct with regards to the lockdown.


Eyes open

And you are most probably up Johnson’s backside.. Sumption has made valid opinion of which he is qualified and entitled to do….. you are not perfect either but definately have a big ego


Eyes More Open

If we had followed Sumption’s approach we would have 10,000 a day dead at the moment.




Alicia PS

Would like to know why these posters in empty pubs need removing.
When Tim Martin put the articles in his in-house magazine, I imagine he had permission to include them. And surely, in the absence of new material ,they cover the windows and give people food for thought( seeing that the pubs can’t provide a cheap Dragon Curry and pint on Tuesday evenings any more).
Hope Sumption etc didn’t press for this, he’s now known as a fearless high profile advocate for the Vaxeen Refusniks- if he’s as much a corporate jelly as those who oppose him, then we’ll take his medal back.
If Tim is doing this unforced, then it’s up to him. If the State and it’s Wuflu Death Cult types are forcing the issue, then we’ve got a story.



Agreed Alicia.
Sumption was correct in his legal analysis and warnings of quasi legal mashups , tendency to attainder lite body language masquerading as ” law”.
Who better to give us precedent and warnings from history?
Funny how those who couldn’t quote him enough as they sniffed his moccasins re Brexit ,suddenly unpersoned him on Radio 4 and let the tumbleweed howl in deathly silence as he spoke on Chinese Man Flu( 3rd Class).



Spoons –

Good for:

– real ale
– pub chat without having to scream over the piped music
– cheap, can’t-be-arsed-to-cook food
– early-morning airport drinkies

Bad for:

– wine
– bonhomie
– public health advice



Good for:

– Keeping the sort of people you do not want in the decent bars all in one place.

Bad for:

– Everything else

Very Brexity crowd. A cheap one too.


Jimmy shoe

The decent bars?, where the champagne coke sniffers go with the company credit cards.
Anonymous you’d be no different if you drank in wetherspoons or the Dorchester! Think the phrase is ‘up your own rear end’…..


God He Is Basic

Jimmy, how was the Daily Mail today?


PM Boris Johnson

In order to ensure our security and continuing stability, the Republic will be reorganised into the first Galactic Empire!!



*Applauds thunderously*


Darth Borisious

“I *am* the House of Commons!”


Darth Borisious II the Boris Strikes Back

“and I am the father to many children by a wide range of women so I could be your father, especially if your mother was an ambitious blonde with no issues about sleeping with another woman’s husband.”


Senator Amidala

So this is how democracy dies, with Thunderous applause.


Sir Desmond Swayne

I approve this message

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