Elle Woods QC and Harvey Specter appear on ‘chambers website’

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By Adam Mawardi on

Spoof set Square Chambers boasts a strong fictional legal line-up

Harvey Specter and Elle Woods

Legally Blonde’s Elle Woods and Harvey Specter from Suits are among the fantasy lawyer dream team listed on spoof set Square Buildings’ website.

Also featured in the imaginary chambers’ barrister line-up are 90s legal TV icon Ally McBeal, The Godfather’s consigliere Tom Hagen, To Kill a Mockingbird’s Atticus Finch, and Martha Costello QC from the BBC’s bar drama Silks.

Spoof set Square Buildings’ imaginary lawyer line-up

The fictitious chambers, Square Buildings — not to be confused with any legit Square-named sets — is actually the work of developer company Square Eye, who made the website for demo purposes. Scroll up the page and you’ll find a warning: “Do not attempt to instruct these barristers as they do not exist”.

The 2021 Legal Cheek Chambers Most List

Still, you could have had us fooled. According to its “News” section, the fake chambers was “named ‘Set of the Year’ in the Legal 600 Awards” — which, of course, is a nod to actual legal directory ‘The Legal 500’. On the website’s front page, you can even find the quote: “Although we’re the largest fictitious set of chambers in the UK, we pride ourselves on our ‘personal, familiar service’ (Legal 600, 2015).”

Pupillage requirement: must be able to decipher latin

Definitely giving the game away is the website’s excessive use of non-sensical latin in the “Pupillage” section — which even for the classics loving law student, will be a tough one to decode.

This isn’t the first time Legal Cheek has come across a wacky chambers’ website. Real-life set Whitestone Chambers caught our eye after launching an eccentric website that greeted visitors with Harry Potter-esque magical smoke, before taking them on a virtual journey across a rain-soaked cobbled road (think Game of Thrones meets Coronation Street).

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