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The top legal affairs news stories from this morning and the weekend

Legal news stories

Matt Hancock dismisses ruling that he broke the law over lucrative Covid contracts as just ‘delayed paperwork’ [Independent]

Court delays allow violent offenders to avoid prison [The Guardian]

Brexit: Unionist parties to join NI Protocol legal challenge [BBC News]

Pro-Beijing reforms threaten ‘end’ of HK’s legal system, top lawyer warns [Financial Times]

Uber driver celebrates Supreme Court decision: ‘I need to work at least 15 hours a day to earn a living [MyLondon]

Coleen Rooney and Rebekah Vardy’s costly legal battle ‘may not be heard in High Court until 2022 due to backlogs’ [Mail Online]

The latest comments from across Legal Cheek

Cyber criminals go ‘below radar’ and steal as little as £10, as victims are less likely to report it [The Telegraph]

Lawyer Convicted in College-Admissions Scandal Avoids Disbarment [Wall Street Journal]

Kim Kardashian’s lawyer Laura Wasser says ‘don’t expect great behaviour with divorce’ [Mirror]

Woman pretended she had breast cancer to escape court hearing [Staffordshire Live]

Joanna Cherry ‘takes legal action’ against actor in ‘disproportionate’ move [The Scotsman]

Virtual student event TOMORROW: How to build an international legal career in Ireland — with Arthur Cox, Matheson, Pinsent Masons and BARBRI [Legal Cheek Events]

“There is a reason why lawyers tend to marry other lawyers, an understanding of the sacrifices required to excel at law firms.” [Legal Cheek comments]


Haggis Muncher

Joanna Cherry is now a liability to the Scottish independence movement. Her stirring up of internal party battles to further her own position was bad enough. However her obsession with trans rights issues are doing much more harm. For an SNP MP the key question has to be in everything “Will this help independence?” To almost all of the coverage generated by Cherry in the last year the answer has been a clear “No”. At a time when independence is a real prospect she has chosen a series of actions that harm the cause. Recent dips in independence polling are not surprising. As an independence supporter I am now firmly of the view the prospects are better if Cherry left the party and kept quiet.


English chad

No independence, remain a vassal state to the mighty English nation forever gimp.



I think you will find that Alex Salmond and his apprentice, Sturgeon are the main threats to whatever credibility the SNP is clinging on to.



How very Daily Mail of you, Cessle. Toodle-pip, old chap.



Cherry isn’t taking legal action. See:

“Disappointing journalism from @heraldscotland. I have not lodged a defamation action against anyone. However like anyone else I am entitled to call out lies about me particularly when they endanger my personal safety & that of my loved ones”


Glebe Street Resident

Still she does not deny threatening legal action does she? Everything said at 9.01 holds true legal action or no legal action. Cherry and her ego are turning into a dream for Boris.


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