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Weekly round-up of the top legal blogosphere posts

The performative nastiness of the Home Secretary [Law and Policy Blog]

Should EU court let bosses ban hijabs? [A Lawyer Writes]

How the Hate Crime Bill defies Scottish tradition [The Critic]

Modernising the Monarchy: Moving Beyond the 1917 Letters Patent and the ‘George V Convention’ [UK Constitutional Law Association]

The future of cryptocurrency [Legal Cheek Journal]

Tech giants should pay the price for the abuse posted on their sites [NewStatesman] (free, but registration required)

Legal Cheek’s Living Room Law virtual conference on 22 April: Secure your free place

Copyright & NFTs of Digital Artworks [IPKat blog]

Legal Cheek launches first-ever SQE Providers guide! [Legal Cheek]

Covid a year on: My overwhelming emotions were fear and sadness [Legal Futures]

How many more like Claire Matthews? [Law Society Gazette]

“If you applied for last year’s TC and haven’t heard anything, you were rejected… Read between the lines. It’s not polite and they should officially notify, buy you should be able to figure it out.” [Legal Cheek comments]

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