Mum uses OnlyFans to fund daughter’s law degree

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Pulls in £14k a month 🤳

A young mother has revealed how she signed up to OnlyFans to help fund her daughter through law school.

Marcela Alonso, from New York in the US, joined the popular subscription site back in 2017 and now rakes in a whopping $20,000 (£14,000) a month, according to reports.

Alonso initially joined the site, which sees creators earn money from users who subscribe to their content, as a way of generating a bit of extra income.

But when the pandemic hit, the platform became her main source of cash and she set her sights on earning $63,000 (£46,000) to cover her daughter’s law school loans. The aspiring lawyer, who isn’t named in the reports, is currently studying for the Law School Admission Test (LSAT).

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“I’ve had to go full-force with my OnlyFans to not only pay my bills, but to take really good care of my eldest,” Alonso told the website Daily Beast. “When she gets into law school, I want her to feel free to go to any school she wants.”

Alonso, who previously worked as stripper, now charges subscribers $4.55 (£3.29) a month to view her content, or $100 (£72) for a 20-minute call.

But Alonso doesn’t mind working hard for her daughter’s education. “I have an adult child that’s going to be going to law school,” she said. “I’m so excited to support her.”

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Lazy and dangerous

Am I the only one disgusted by the sudden push to encourage sex work as “liberating” ? Read the article about UOL giving tips on sex work to students in ROF and I was disgusted. We are teaching people to sell their bodies without even trying at all. Most will say it’s “liberating” blah blah but the fact is they were simply too lazy to bust a gut and decided to sell their bodies instead. Disgusting



“Bust a gut” is probably not the best use of terminology in this context.


😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

Virtual John

What about when the sex workers get mad when a) the revenue stream drops off due to the (often accelerated) ravages of time and b) cannot usually secure more than minimum wage jobs due to lack of qualifications and a less-than-preferable work experience on their CV?

It’s oppressive to suggest there would be consequences to prostitution though, so I suggest we move along quietly.

Best of luck to contributing to the sex workers union pension plan.


It must be easy to make cash though. Click through to the woman this story is about which seems to prove the point.

Bridgette b

Too right. There is not excuse for a university student to go into sex work. If you have to resort to that then you’re obviously too lazy and did not try at all. Simple.


Bridgette B, apart from castigating certain students as ‘lazy’, why don’t we investigate why some students are in such dire circumstances that they feel the need to sell their bodies?

It’s no coincidence that privately-educated Henrietta (with a huge trust fund) isn’t flaunting her bits on Onlyfans or sugarbabying a doubly incontinent 102 year old. Nor does Henrietta need to slave away for 10-20 hours a week at her local Lidl to afford her rent. A part-time retail job would be beneath her. Henrietta has all the time she needs for studying and partying.


There you go bringing class into it again.


Funny you say that cause I’m a mum, full time employee and still do onlyfans- I can earn money that I invest and I’m boosting my body confidence!


Lmfao keep lying to yourself. We all know you live a sad little life behind closed doors, when you’re not getting your validation from the incels. You’re fooling nobody here


You sound really angry for someone who I can safely assume uses p*rnsites on a regular basis. I guess you don’t like it when the money goes to the person in the video rather than a certain exploitative, monopolising conglomerate, eh?


Sex work is a more valid form of work than being a silver circle solicitor. Change my view


No past defines anyone’s future.Judging anyone is so wrong as your not in their shoes to know their circumstances.So embrace her present success as no person is righteous or rather perfect.


I’m not one for conspiracies but I do think it is odd that this huge push for online sex work has risen in the last few years. I frequent online forums such as Reddit, and there are even girls as young as 15 counting down to the day they turn 18 so they can launch their OnlyFans. I notice there will be a viral post online and just under it after a few scrolls you will see people posting their OnlyFans content flogging their wares for £5.00 a month.

Broke uni students and low income teens are probably the most vulnerable to this level of advertising. What is never mentioned is how this may affect them in years to come, especially if they want to pursue a career in law. It is all very odd, and I do hope restrictions tighten up and to whom and where this platform can be advertised. I suspect we will see a lot of articles on the harm it has done in the next decade.

I Don't Like That

Niche market for those with the proclivities of Sir Mixalot.

A different view

I do agree that UOL was a bit mad to introduce a policy re: sex work as the type of work can be subtle (sugarbabies) or very dangerous (street walker). I’m inclined to not judge people for how they support themselves…but in this instance, a woman is essentially upgrading her previous job (from stripping) to making her own hours and working from home (via onlyfans).

That said, some of us don’t have the luxury of choosing what kind of work we do to support others. For the sake of advancing an alternative view, this woman strips now so her daughter can go to law school and perhaps have a better future wherein she doesn’t have to strip to support her future children.

Harry H.

I doubt the main motivation of the mother is to advance her daughter’s future. All things considered, I doubt even more that her actions have a net positive effect in that regard.


Surely it’s a terrible thing that a mother needs to sell her body in order to improve her daughter’s life prospects? Not the mother’s fault ofc. There’s much deeper systemic issues at play here.


She was not forced to sell her body she could have become an estate agent or a secretary. she could have chosen to keep her pride if she wanted to


Exactly. Sounds like wow so much money just for sexy photos but is it this what we really want? Her daughter can be great lawyer but soon realise that she is working hard for less money her mum is making dancing on a pole or selling her ‘spicy’ photos… I know that woman can do a lot of things for their children but is something not right there. I mean not ppl but the system. I always believed that parents shoud be child’s fisrt mentors, autorytets etc. I do believe ppl should earn fair pay for their jobs to do not do dodgy things for a sake of upgrading their life style or paying children’s education.

Prnsick lol

I bet that the majority of the men here who are slamming this lady are probably the types who spend all day on p*rnhub. You are fuelling the industry you pretend to hate.

curious argument, straight out of Teen Vogue

This is such an odd response. Deflects the blame onto an imagined enemy – men – about whom you know very little. I rarely watch porn and most of my friends (early 20s, all in relationships) don’t seem to do so either. What makes you so sure that anti-OF men are porn addicts?

Also, you can criticise something while being addicted to it. Having a bad habit does not make you incapable of realising that it’s self-destructive. For example, an alcoholic who knows the negative effects of alcohol abuse but doesn’t have the willpower or social environment to overcome it. Or a lonely teenager who spends all of his time gaming when he knows that he should be working towards his A-Levels or socialising.

Coomer alert

It’s not deflecting the blame onto men. Obviously not all men watch p*rn, but those who do have created the demand for such a market. If men weren’t willing to pay for sexual services, women would not supply. Reminder that p*rnhub is the third most influential website on the internet. It’s men who own it, and it’s men who pay for it.
Peace and love


Slightly off the point, but why are you censoring the word “porn”? It’s not a swear word, it’s not offensive as a term; it’s simply a contraction of the word “pornography”. I can understand finding the *content* offensive, but censoring the word doesn’t really make you come across as someone capable of having a grown-up debate about it.

Genuine question

how do pro-SW women know that all men watch porn? it’s a pretty crude stereotype

JD Equity P

Paging JD Partner, I repeat, paging JD Partner, it’s urgent.


I’m astonished that no-one is asking the number one critical question here.

What is the gender pay gap in sex work?


Majority of sex workers are female so it wouldn’t even be worth discussing the “pay gap”. The idea of becoming a sex worker rarely enters the mind of a male. And very few prostitutes are raking it in. The majority are women from low-socio economic backgrounds and hooked on drugs. Prostitution is an evil on society.

Dr. H. Jerkov

“Prostitution is an evil on society”. This statement emphasises that the notion of
“evil” is truly a subjective concept.


They actually did do a report on this a while ago in the California adult video market. Men were paid at most 50% of their female counterparts in scenes. In an all male gay scene all the actors would be receiving even less than that when compared to the compensation paid in an all female lesbian scene. People are commodities in the adult entertainment industry and females are considerably more valuable.

I have no idea about payment figures but for traditional street-walking prostitution I have seen some police reports from the early 2000s that suggest that male prostitutes were exponentially more likely to be a) underage and b) victims of violence by their johns. That’s couple decade-old data at this point so not sure if that’s still the case.

Get a grip

It is size related.

Hypocrites lol

All of you men slamming Onlyfans etc, how many of you watch p^rn online? None of you?


read the comment above @ Mar 25 2021 4:24pm

It’s possible that people watch something while that it’s wrong. They may be weak-willed or hypocritical or lazy in doing so but it doesn’t make that something less wrong. You’re just trying to deflect the blame onto men.

Try harder

It’s not deflecting onto men. If there was no demand for sex work, women wouldn’t do it and wouldn’t be able to fund extravagant lifestyles off of it. Men are to blame.


This is why paternalism is a thing? Your argument applies equally well to drugs. Ultimately, it’s the government that will have to step in and ban the activity in order to decrease demand and force people to stop making a living from drug dealing, prostitution, etc. and find another career path. We can’t wait for demand to naturally drop off on its own, because it won’t!

Ultimately, the two are not mutually exclusive. You can blame men for watching porn while also blaming the government for permitting this to go on unchallenged. I absolutely agree that men should stop watching porn regularly, especially commercial porn that’s filmed in Cali, Florida, CZ, RU, etc.

(Btw I really wouldn’t assume that everyone watches porn, or has an OF account. All men have watched porn at least once in their lives, but I doubt that most men are either addicted to it or are willing to spend large amounts of money on OF, which is what actually supports these women’s lifestyles.)


A final point about how these things are not mutually exclusive:

In the drugs trade, both the drug dealers and the drug users are seen as doing something ‘bad’/blameworthy.

In the arms trade, both illegal arms traffickers and the end criminals who carry and sometimes use the weapons are seen as doing something bad.

There’s no reason as to why this pattern doesn’t replicate itself when it comes to prostitution. Blame men, blame OF models. You don’t need to pick between the two. That’s an artificial product of the gender wars.


I watch it because its wrong. There wouldn’t be a frisson otherwise.


I don’t like sex work at all. But the funny thing is that this lady earns more than most of you! And she doesn’t get turbof^ked by a soulless law firm partner to earn her money!


why did you need to make two posts (4.01, 4.04 pm) when one would’ve sufficed?

this lady’s lifetime earnings are much lower than that of any professional, let alone a lawyer in private practice in the City. she seems uneducated and precariously employed

as for the numbers… let’s say she made £200k in a year? great, that’s something that someone can make in two years as a mid-level associate. only that they’ll have a career after that while she loses her looks or gets overlooked in favour of another up and coming model or the next big app/platform. how will her earnings compare in 10 or 20 years’ time?


It’s pretty ironic when feminists complain about being objectified but also are quick praise women who make money on OF – I guess objectification is fine when you’re getting paid


LOL at all the people calling these sex workers ‘lazy’. Would you be happier if they were ‘scrounging’ on benefits? The lady in the article probably pays more tax than most of you.

It’s astounding that you don’t criticise the capitalist system in which most workers are earning pennies, and this partly leads some people to venture into sex work. It’s a travesty that a young female can earn 10x more selling her body than working at Asda.
Ultimately, sex work shouldn’t exist.


Again: having higher earnings now does not mean that she will have higher earnings in 2, 5 or 10 years’ time. OF is a one-off. Will she be making the same amount of money next year when lockdown is lifted? Will she be making the same amount of money if OF is replaced by another platform? Probably not.

She’s lazy because she could’ve matched or exceeded this year’s earnings by going to school (university) and getting a regular entry level office job like everyone else. But that requires patience, risk, and commitment over many years. OF is a quick buck – just like matched betting, drop shipping, relabelling, etc. It’s for those who want easy money without having to do much.

I agree that sex work shouldn’t exist and that so-called ‘unskilled’ jobs should have higher earnings that allow the people to do them to raise a family. Unfortunately there isn’t much I can do to change this other than push my MP to support a minimum wage hike.


At least drop the link !!

Handsy Teen


Career Adviser

That is a resourceful mother. Hopefully its case of like mother like daughter. If she is willing to “do what it takes” especially to demonstrate her oral skills as a budding lawyer, I am sure she will get far in her career.

Get a grip

All work is precarious. You could be sacked for being rubbish, develop dementia or simply be a “bad fit” . Maybe you are just not attractive enough to earn money this way?


I don’t think that this is much of a rebuttal.

If people had to choose between employment on the basis of looks/physique, or employment on the basis of knowledge and technical skill, most would choose the latter.

There are degrees of precariousness. OF work is much more precarious than working in a law firm. Working in a law firm is probably more precarious than working in compliance in a big company. The fact that all jobs are *to some extent* precarious does not mean that they are all equally precarious. “All work is precarious” sounds like a cheap slogan.


I think we should all learn more about this type of work and note that in fact being on OnlyFans doesn’t mean you are “selling” your body. Nobody touches you at all, you are selling time, photos, video clips, messaging back and forth. Even prostitutes don’t sell their bodies, they sell the right to (for a pre-arranged time) engage with their body, touch their body, etc, but mostly for all the talking and flirting etc that comes with it.

Why do you think people pay subscription, just to see some photos of a naked woman? Most of what they pay for is engagement, conversation, the sex worker making them feel good about themselves or playing out fantasies for them. Most sex workers (perhaps outside of those walking the street) are incredibly good salespeople, are able to connect with a massively wide variety of types of personalities, and have mastered the art of conversation. Skills many lawyers I have met fail to grasp.

And for those of you who think OF is a “quick buck” – please do join, build yourself a following worth $20,000 a month and then come back and tell us all how easy and quickly you were able to do that. Or try entering a strip club in the eastern United States and working 12 hour night shifts five times a week, then tell us again about how “lazy” sex-workers are.

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