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The top legal affairs news stories from this morning and the weekend

Legal news stories

Hong Kong re-arrests dozens of pro-democracy activists under controversial law [Metro]

Split up dual role of top law officer, says Sarwar [BBC]

More than 50,000 people call for inquiry into use of Queen’s consent [The Guardian]

Theatre drama as surgeon Zooms to court in middle of an operation [The Times (£)]

Deepfakes and downblousing among ‘intimate image offences’ set to become criminal acts [The Telegraph]

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Wrongful convictions under Covid lockdown laws may be slipping through net [The Times (£)]

Manchester attack: ‘Martyn’s Law’ would ‘minimise terror risk’ [BBC]

Extra stamp duty holiday would raise house prices, say lawyers [Financial Times (£)]

“Red faced: Photos of my holiday to Ibiza accidentally made it into a trial bundle.” [Legal Cheek Comments]

Virtual student event TOMORROW: Secrets to Success South West — with Osborne Clarke, RPC, TLT and ULaw [Legal Cheek Events]

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‘Downblousing’ is already illegal. Not sure ‘Deepfakes’, perhaps if publicly shared. But neither of them should be a reason to put people on the sexy titillators register. The British attitude to sex is funny.



Okay then – can I take a photo down your wife or sister’s top? My attitude to doing that is to think it’s ‘funny’.


Ewwwwerrr Matron

Which part of “‘downblousing’ is already illegal don’t you understand?

If your husband or brother took a picture down my wife’s or sister’s top they would be punished on conviction for breaking the law. But I wouldn’t want them put on the sexy titilator’s register for the gratification of others. The British attitude to sex really is funny.



A starlet is falling out of a mini dress, by design, and comes out of or into a taxi and the photo is splashed all tabloid press, as happens most days especially in the Love Island era. When will such a photograph be “downblousing”? Are paparazzi going to have to strictly photograph only at a height between the top and bottom of a dress. What happens if two people are walking side by side and are of different heights?


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