Stephenson Harwood retains 80% of NQ solicitors

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8 out of 10

Stephenson Harwood has confirmed a spring trainee retention result of 80%, with eight out of ten newly qualified (NQ) solicitors committing their futures to the firm.

The outfit made nine offers, eight of which were accepted. Seven join the London office, and one will start lawyer life in Dubai.

They qualify into practice groups including commercial litigation, corporate, employment, pensions and private wealth, and marine and international trade. None are on fixed-term contracts.

Legal Cheek’s Firms Most List 2021 shows the new associates will start on salary of £75,000. Trainees receive £43,000 in year one, rising to £47,000 in year two.

The 2021 Legal Cheek Firms Most List

“This has been an extraordinary year for our qualifying trainees, who have had to cope with the unprecedented challenges instigated by the pandemic, in addition to the usual demands expected of future lawyers,” commented Lisa Marks, partner and trainee principal at Stephenson Harwood. “The determination and drive demonstrated by this cohort has been particularly impressive, and I am confident that they will continue to flourish in their legal careers.”

This time last year the firm retained nine out of 12 NQs — or 75%.

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Good whack.



Lmao even SPB pays more these days. Greedy partners not paying NQs enough rather.



One of the best city firms for training IMO. Certainly for shipping & maritime law.


Shiver Me Timbers

Shipping. Great if you like high-volume low-margin work.



Latest PEP figure was £727,000.

LOL what are you talking about?


Sombre Trumpet

Ooof, rip to those two without jobs. Wouldn’t wanna be them.


CMS Trainee

Wouldn’t want to be you – graduating in just a few months without a TC, VS or any job lined up for that matter


Sombre Trumpet

Didn’t have to do me like that – sorry


The Real Sombre Trumpet

Well, they do say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.


The Actual Sombre Trumpet

lol just stop pretending to be me.

The Genuine Sombre Trumpet

Says the impersonator lmao.

The Proper Sombre Trumpet

This is getting old now.


Lucky people. Top outfit.



Is SH a good firm to train at?

Genuinely asking to find out what sort of reputation it holds in London. The money seems kind of average and along the lines of other city based firms like WFW, HFW, etc.

What sort of lateral prospects could one have after training there?


Former SH trainee

You can lateral straight from the toilet down via the tubes into the cesspit. Worked for me, living the dream.



Woah so sorry to hear that . . . did the firm not retain you on qualification?

Hahahahahaha get outta here with that crap!!! SH TO THE MOON!


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