The ultimate revision playlist for law students

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By Adam Mawardi on

Can you guess who we’ve included? 🎶

With another exam season just round the corner, the pain in lockdown is set to get only worse for law students.

To help you stay focused during this frantic period where every previous minute counts, Legal Cheek has compiled our very own productivity playlist, featuring the best law-themed tunes to spice-up your studies.


Tyler, The Creator — Boredom

Kicking off our playlist is a song encapsulating the tedious day-to-day lives of law students currently stuck in lockdown, as they drift from one online lecture to the next and patiently wait for in-person events to return so they can re-stock their dwindling collection of law firm stationery.

Notable lyrics: ‘I’ve been in this fuckin’ room so long / My eyeballs are turning to dry wall’

Bombay Bicycle Club — Eat, Sleep, Wake (Nothing But You)

Or in other words: eat, sleep, law, repeat.

Notable lyrics: ‘Eat, sleep, wake / Nothing but you’

Kanye West — Stronger

Feeling unproductive? See how you feel after Kanye West’s motivational rap remedy.

Notable lyrics: ‘Work it, make it, do it / Makes us harder, better, faster, stronger’

Lily Allen — LDN

A noughties classic for those with their hearts set on City law.

Notable lyrics: ‘Sun is in the sky, oh why, oh why / Would I wanna be anywhere else?’

Travie McCoy ft. Bruno Mars — Billionaire

Be honest, money was on your mind when you chose the lawyer life.

Notable lyrics: ‘I wanna be a billionaire so fucking bad’

Panic! At The Disco — High Hopes

Have you ever met anyone more ambitious than law students? For all of you legal dreamers out there, this one’s for you.

Notable lyrics: ‘Had to have high, high hopes for a living / Shooting for the stars when I couldn’t make a killing’

Dizzee Rascal — Business Man

A grime banger for the go-getters hoping to embrace the ‘eat-what-you-kill’ MoneyLaw approach to legal practice.

Notable lyrics: ‘I’m a business man / I got a business plan / I got the wickedest brand’

Ima Robot — Greenback Boogie

Okay, sure, being a lawyer isn’t actually like Suits — sorry to disappoint. But who doesn’t get pumped for a life of skyscraper views and crisp corporate garb after hearing this iconic theme-tune?

Notable lyrics: ‘Everybody wanna know, how it feel / Everybody wanna see, what it’s like’

A$AP Ferg ft. Asian Doll — Wigs

Wannabe barristers, before you wig-out, relax. We didn’t forget about you.

Notable lyrics: ‘Need them thousands in my bank account’

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OneRepublic — Connection

The ultimate anthem for generation-LinkedIn.

Notable lyrics: ‘Can I get, can I get a connection?’

Natalie Cole — This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)

As you kick back to Cole, just imagine: you meet your dream law firm, fall in love, and eventually they ask you to become their life-long partner. How romantic.

Notable lyrics: ‘You’ve given me the thrill of a lifetime / And made me believe you’ve got more thrills to spare’

Destiny’s Child ft. Da Brat — Survivor

Sure, you’ve had more TC and vac scheme rejections than you’ve had hours of sleep during law school. But if Queen B can call herself a survivor, so can you.

Notable lyrics: ‘Thought that I would fail without you / But I’m on top’

Drake — Started From The Bottom

Any time you start doubting yourself, be like Drake and remember how far you’ve come: you probably used to think that judges in England and Wales used gavels. Cringe.

Notable lyrics: ‘I done kept it real from the jump / Living at my mama house we’d argue every month’

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