Bakers restores NQ solicitor pay to pre-pandemic £90k

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City outfit cut salaries by £2.5k last summer

Baker McKenzie has today confirmed that the salaries of its newly qualified (NQ) lawyers have been restored to pre-pandemic levels.

The City giant’s fresh faced associates will once again receive an annual salary of £90,000, with previously delayed summer bonuses also paid out to eligible NQs.

Last June, Bakers reduced NQ pay by £2,500 (3%) to £87,500 as part of a number of belt tightening measures in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

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A number of top firms have taken similar steps, including Clifford Chance, Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner, Macfarlanes and Reed Smith. Others, meanwhile, upped pay packets but failed to match pre-Covid levels. They include magic circle duo Linklaters and Slaughter and May.

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CMS are announcing a payrise to 80k or so for NQs, not too bad.






These students pretending to be Kirkland associates is getting tiring… most of them couldn’t get an AC invite at Shoosmiths let alone Kirkland


Kirkland 2nd Year Trainee

Rest easy king, Kirks is the dream, we own the city. See you downstairs at the car park, I’ve parked my new Lambo next to yours.





Kirkland 4PQE Deal-Monster

***Laughs hysterically***



let me correct the comment for you:

***Laughs in unemployed***


Kirks NQ

Lmao what’s it like to be a betacuck pinboi getting reamed by top whack powerhouse lads like us? Enjoy your £65k NQ son 😂😂😂



Any firm that has cut back on wages and only restored their wages rather than increasing their wages even though they’ve had a profitable year is definitely a sweatshop.



SPB offered a paltry one week of salary as a Covid bonus only to fee earning staff and as long as those fee earners on 100% (not 98 or 88, it has to be 100 or above) of your annual billable target. Which essentially means that only a very select few associates will bag the miserly bonus and everyone else can go f*ck themselves. Too bad if you’ve just missed the target number it for whatever reason.

Greedy turbokhunt partners have outdone themselves yet again. 

”Shaft your hardworking support staff and don’t give a toss, it’s the SPB way.”


NQ crime

How does one get into firms with that sort of pay?

Asking for a friend…



Train at a US firm and take and early retirement.

Nah but seriously. You get in with relevant work experience, good grades, relevant interests and hobbies, commercial awareness and a lot of bluffing on the interview days and vac schemes. Use your time at university effectively to build skills you think you will need for your future career and learn how to spin the other things you did so they seem like they built relevant skills. You need a good application too, answer questions thoughtfully, originally and concisely and use the word limit. Most importantly, you need a lot of luck.

Also preferred but not required: middle class background and parents able to pay for shoes and office clothes for interviews, oxbridge, private schooling, parents or contacts who could become clients, relation to existing employees, southern accent, good looks and nice hair, skiing chat, football/rugby/cricket banter.


Been and Seen

Why the down-votes? This comment is 100% on the money.

The amount of toff morons I’ve seen get hired by MC and US firms just because they grew up in Esher, went to Exetah and could chat the “cricket bantz” would make you reconsider a career in the City.


City Associate

Quicker way to lose sight of your 20s and 30s, not worth it.


Bombay Bad Boy

Didn’t you know that crime doesn’t pay?


City Associate

Pay was restored to £90k 4 months ago, this is old news.
The £5k sign on bonus has never been paid out though and no ones mentioned it since pre-pandemic…


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