Asparagus recipe accidentally included in Belgian law database

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‘Bon Appétit!’ read the final line

Lawyers can, and often do, spend hours trawling through legal databases in the hope of finding that nugget of gold that will help support their client’s case.

But lawyers in Belgium have been left baffled — and presumably hungry — after a recipe for white asparagus gratin appeared among legislation relating to the price of drugs and medical supplies.

The tasty blunder was discovered by banking and finance lawyer Morgan Molle, following an update to the French version of the Belgian official law journal, Moniteur Belge.

A screenshot of the six-step recipe, which concludes with the line, “Bon Appétit!”, can be seen below:

“I’ve had it with people who say that the Moniteur Belge is useless,” wrote Molle on Twitter. “You find everything there: laws, decisions, cooking recipes, you name it.”

“Honestly: I have not often encountered this hilarity in my legal career,” the lawyer added.

The recipe has now been deleted.

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Alan Robertshaw

There was an IP dispute over that Levi Roots Reggae Reggae sauce; and they put the recipe in the judgement.

It is probably easier just to buy a bottle.

I believe also that the KFC ‘secret’ recipe also ended up going public in some court case.

IP around food is pretty interesting. Back in t’olden days, there was a city in India where, if you came up with a new recipe, you had the exclusive right to make it for a year and a day.


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