TikTok star claims law student Tinder date sent legal letter after she turned him down

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Apparently told his lawyer dad

Pictured: TikTok star Emily Mackinnon

A TikTok star has recalled the time a Tinder date once allegedly tried to sue her for “breaking a verbal contract” after she refused to have sex with him.

Emily Mackinnon, who goes by @your.big.sis.emi on TikTok, shared her story in a series of videos, claiming that he also sent her a cease and desist letter after she discussed the incident on her podcast.

The TikToker says it all started when she matched with a law student named ‘Chad’ on Tinder and went back to his place after their date. “It was implied that we were gonna hook up, but I never explicitly stated that,” she explains to her 44k plus followers.


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She goes on to claim that when he took off his clothes, she was hit with a foul smell and saw he had “skid marks” in his underwear.

Mackinnon left and claimed that he tried to sue her a few days later, serving her with papers accusing her of “breaking a verbal contract”. She told viewers she can’t find the original letter because “it was years ago” but nothing came of it after she told his dad who just so happened to be a lawyer.

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Years on from the alleged lawsuit attempt, Mackinnon claims to have received a cease and desist letter from Chad, who is now “a real lawyer employed by his dad”, after she talked about him (albeit unnamed) on her new podcast, Been there Bestie.

“I released a teaser on TikTok of my podcast… which was a clip of me telling a story about the guy who tried to sue me because I wouldn’t hook up with him,” she explained. “And less than 12 hours after that was posted, I got served with a cease and desist. So I took it down and I went to talk to a lawyer, and it’s apparently not slander because nobody can tell who he is. And also, is it slander if it’s true?”

Mackinnon shared the contents of the letter in another clip, which states, “such slander includes but is not limited to negative comments regarding the victims (sic) personal hygiene practices” which “has potential to result in loss of income for the victim due to reputation damage”.

A copy of the letter

Mackinnon bashed the message, calling it “not a very high quality letter for a lawyer”. She later wrote in the comments beneath her clip that she called his law firm and found out this was apparently something he wrote in his own time and that the letter should have had the law firm’s logo on it.

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Entitlement, yo

Years ago, I remember a future pupil commercial barrister getting into trouble because he thought he had a legal ‘right’ to be able to boast in the office about kissing a female work colleague.

This story doesn’t surprise me in the slightest.



Doesn’t look like a real Cease and Desist letter.



The willingness of people to publicly shame others these days is really outstanding. No one can make mistakes anymore, no one can grow or learn life lessons. Hopefully this tiktok star makes no mistakes in her life.


Only God Can Judge Me?

I know – school detentions, work disciplinary procedures and prisons are so shaming and harmful.

Why can’t you let people have their 34th chance?


Worried for the next generation

What a dangerous individual.

To threaten to sue someone for not having sex with them?


Even an A-level law student would know that sexual consent can be withdrawn at any time in the proceedings, for any reason or for no reason at all.

Unbelievably entitled.


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