DLA Piper London NQ pay hits £88k as trainees handed £1k increases

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Rises in regions too

DLA Piper has raised the salaries of its junior lawyers in London and the regions.

The international firm confirmed to Legal Cheek newly qualified (NQ) solicitors in the London office will be £12k better off come September, with base pay rising from £76,000 to £88,000. Trainees in London will be handed rises of £1k so they’ll earn £46,000 in their first year and £51,000 in their second year from September.

The sizeable pay rise for London NQs means DLA has leapfrogged several major outfits on our Firms Most List, including CMS and Eversheds which both recently upped new associate pay to £82,000. They now also earn the same level of pay as NQs over at Simmons & Simmons.

The 2021 Legal Cheek Firms Most List

DLA Piper has also bumped pay for those based in its regional offices. NQs at these offices will see their pay increase from £44,000 to £48,000, while trainees will receive an extra £2k, bringing their salaries to £31,000 in year one and £33,000 in year two.

Already we have seen a number of law firms raise their junior lawyer salary game. Less than 24 hours ago, Linklaters increased NQ base pay to £100k, matching moves made by magic circle rivals Clifford Chance and Allen & Overy in recent weeks. Other UK-headquartered law firms are expected to follow with similar announcements.

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SPB…your move.

Former toiler

Lmaooo no way that two-bit boiler room will increase wedge beyond 2-5%. £82k is the max they will raise to. 🤡🤡🤡


Certain firms (NRF, Slaughters, Macs, TS, BM) really need to step up. Anyone on their vacation schemes etc heard anything about an uplift?

CMS Fourth Seater

This isn’t something they’d tell you on a vac scheme mate




They might do if they want you to sign a TC with them compared to another Firm – the VS is meant to sell the Firm to the interns, surely the salary offering would form a proposal?

It’s been mentioned at every firm I’ve done a VS with

Typing this quickly sorry

*would form part of their pitch


what kind of bucket shops have you VS-ed on

Future Trainee at...

MC and American firm haha – guess I am wrong though and this isn’t standard practice lol


Macs have announced internally (TS always follows Macs so suspect they will move too).

Mate at NRF said they were staying at 87k however I suspect that will now change considering lower tiered firms are increasing pay higher.

BM in the past have bided their time with pay increases to ensure when they do announce it tops SC.

Slaughters f knows loool


Anyone know what Macs have increased to?

Disgruntled BM Associate

In line with the so-called COVID bonus, BM will probably raise salaries 0.01% and tell everyone they should be grateful.

Baller Trainee

Flexxxx, time to impresss 💪🏽


Very decent uplift it must be said – pretty impressed!


This is why firms shouldn’t rush to uplift like Ashurst did. Because now you have of likes of like DLA paying only 2k less than them.

No doubt Ashurst will push another uplift by the end of year. Similar to what they had to do three years ago.


Yup I bet Ashurst will push and offer 95k sooner of later.

Also NRF is increasing to 97k and they typically pay similar to Norton

Interested party

Where did you hear about NRF?

Jacques Strappe

Big if true.

You heard it here first

No way will Ashurst go up again this year.

Concerned Citizen

Herbies clearly yet to get the memo.

Rememberer of figures

Apparently they have increased – on their website it now says you can earn up to 107k – from memory think it said 105 before so a very slight uptick

Future HSF trainee

Bleh they should really up base pay to 100+, make it 115 with bonus


Simmons make your move




Freshfields has done nothing again this year. Morale on pay really low.

FF trainee

Indeed, trainee pay is also well below the market and has been for a while. £45k and £51k, which is the lowest out of the MC by some distance (£9k in total less than Links over the two years). Plus no Covid bonuses either.


Throw it all in the sea and escape on a speedboat.


Dare I say it… Dentons?

Insider knowledge

salaries still frozen my friend

Jesus Christ, Dentons

Trainees have been told £80k NQ salary.


email a tip off to if true


Also heard their NQs are sprinting out the door?


What about RPC


RPC, what tf is dat?


When is Hogan Lovells gonna hit 100k nq …

Kirkland thumpman

LMAO you’re at the wrong firm pinhead 😀 😀 😀


The key phrase here is “base pay”. I know that the salaries are substantially higher at DLA for certain NQs in certain departments. The firm’s salaries vary quite considerably due to profitability levels.


Any news from Clyde’s? I feel they are way behind


Mishcon still paying in the 70s at 2 PQE ‘but the IPO is for everyone!’

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