Elon Musk mocks British wig-wearing barristers

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‘Mfs in the 1700s saw this hairstyle and were like YOOOO 🔥🔥🔥’

Elon Musk image via Wikimedia Commons/Duncan Hull

Elon Musk mocked British wig-wearing judges and barristers in a post shared on his personal Twitter account today.

The tech tycoon posted a photo (below) of a man wearing a white wig this morning along with the caption, “Mfs in the 1700s saw this hairstyle and were like YOOOO 🔥🔥🔥”. He added his own jokey caption, “Also, the British legal system in 2021”, alongside the post which has received 42,000 ‘likes’ at the time of publication.

Musk has previously come out in support of former Supreme Court justice Lord Sumption when he critiqued the UK government’s lockdown rules. “Well said, Lord Sumption, well said!”, Musk tweeted to his army of followers at the time.

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Judges adopted wigs, along with the rest of polite society, during the reign of Charles II (1660-1685). But while the rest of the world gradually dropped the fashion, the legal world kept their rugs firmly in place.

While it’s not clear what prompted Musk’s jibe, wigs have come under scrutiny over the years, with critics labelling the legal headpiece fusty and outdated. The Lord Chief Justice, Lord Burnett of Maldon, recently argued in their favour, however, saying that they help to “anonymise” judges and barristers and “takes away their personality from the function that they’re performing”. Then there are more trivial reasons: “It’s useful for covering my roots until the salon opens”, criminal barrister Joanna Hardy tweeted during the national lockdown in March.

There are signs wigs are now moving with the times. Pupil barrister Samuel March made headlines in March when he crafted what is understood to be the country’s first vegan wig using hemp in place of traditional horsehair.

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The Narcissist QC’s Twitter Account

OMG you guys – Elon Musk noticed us!!!

Look at me – I’m a barrister with a real wig!!! Look, here’s a wig selfie for Twitter!

This feeling is better than anything else!

Look at me!! My wig is real!!!


Dank meme

Elongated Muskrat

Ha. Wigs are just the poor mans way of hiding a receding hairline like mine.


Please help. I put my 5k bonus on Dogecoin at 70c after seeing Elon’s tweet. I’ve lost nearly all of it now as Doge has crashed. Can anybody provide financial advice?


Don’t gamble your money that you can’t afford to lose.


Don’t invest in any currency that’s younger than you are?

Shiba Inu

No sweat bro – tried NFTs?


Befriend a cabinet minister. By-pass procurement. Act as a middleman on a large contract. Pocket millions for nothing. Good times.


Da fak kind of article is this.


He’s missed out Ireland. And Nigeria. And Uganda, Zimbabwe, Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Barbados, Jamaica…

How woefully parochial.


The air of authority afforded by wigs quickly evaporates when a solicitor, a barrister, a DJ and two circuit judges all fail to spot the large “Without Prejudice” notice on mediation minutes, illegally presented to the court. The only person to notice the violation was the distinctly non-wig-wearing Litigant in Person. Embarrassing, isn’t it? Maybe you need all the wigs you can get.


Why didn’t the LiP not point it out before the DJ first time round then if it was so obvious?

Chief Wiggum

Worst gratuitous “I lost my case which I presented as a LIP because I don’t know quite as much law as I think I do” whine EVAR.

Your shoehorn is almost as big as my violin is small.


This is what happens when you smoke a joint with Joe Rogan and endorse conspiracy theories. Maybe it’s just what happens when you are born so detatched from ordinary people that you have to mock wigs to gain a semblance of relatability. Either way we should be supportive, after all I am sure there are going to be plenty of in-house positions with the tidal wave of litigation coming his way.


Barristers are the most self-righteous bunch of eejits. Consider The Secret Barrister – he/she will tell you what is wrong with the criminal justice system while hiding behind anonymity. Most criminal barristers talk like the have just climbed down from the cross and healed a couple of hundred lepers on the walk back to the Supreme Court to Jerusalem to represent a Roman centurion in trial who is falsely charged with embezzlement if monies collected in taxes.

Just popped down from the cross

So the pupillage applications didn’t go well then?

Tell us more, but while you are at it, make it an extra large meal with a chocolate shake.

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