Future Baker McKenzie trainee co-hosts legal TV show

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Norman Busigu Womuhai quizzes lawyer expert on everyday laws

Norman Busigu

A future Baker McKenzie trainee is the co-host of a new television show that looks at everyday legal issues and how best to approach them.

Norman Busigu Womuhai, 24, presents Know Your Rights alongside Dr Jennifer Obaseki, 47, a solicitor of over 20 years’ experience and founding partner of Obaseki Solicitors.

Each episode explores in around ten minutes or so one or more scenarios relating to laws likely to be encountered by consumers in their everyday lives, such as contract, housing or criminal law. Womuhai, who begins his training contract at Bakers in March 2023, then quizzes legal expert Obaseki as to the best course of action in “layman friendly” terms. The contents of the discussion is not intended to replace individual legal or professional advice.

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Episode one (embedded below) touches on contract law and a scenario in which the consumer buys a second-hand appliance which doesn’t arrive as described online. The duo discuss recourse for both the buyer and seller before commenting generally on the online retail market.

On his reasoning behind launching the show, Womuhai, who studied law at Queen Mary University, graduating with a 2.1 in 2017, told Legal Cheek:

“As someone who studied law at university and worked in the legal industry, I genuinely felt that more could be done to make the law more accessible, understandable and practical to the average layman — especially in a creative and entertaining way. I believed this programme could help to address a gap in the market/TV and online programming, whereby viewers could quickly learn how to navigate common yet tricky legal situations at no cost.”

He added: “I see great potential for this show to expand over time, through us continuing to address legal issues and providing practical solutions.”

There have been a bunch of law-themed TV shows in recent years. ITV has aired Judge Rinder since 2014, while Dave broadcast comedy show Judge Romesh (we billed it Judge Rinder without the legal qualifications!) between 2018 and 2019.

Know Your Rights is produced by YANGA! TV and broadcast on the Sky network.

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