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Weekly round-up of the top legal blogosphere posts

Strasbourg has spoken. But the case for reform is far from closed [A Lawyer Writes]

Is my t-shirt a hate crime? [The Critic]

Museums legal threats to Pornhub are an ‘exhibition of hypocrisy’ [Legal Cheek]

Lola‑Rose Avery: Baby barrister [Counsel Magazine]

China Passes Its First Comprehensive Data Protection Law [The IPKat]

Secure your place: The September 2021 UK Virtual Law Fair

The future of meetings [The Economist] (free, but registration required)

Should this far-right terrorist be in a women’s prison? [Spiked]

Complicity in mass loss of life? Extinction Rebellion takes on City lawyers [Law Society Gazette]

The changing landscape of legal education and online learning [Legal Futures]

Looking at today’s select committee hearing as a practical exercise in holding the foreign secretary to account [The Law and Policy Blog]

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