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Weekly round-up of the top legal blogosphere posts

Protest and power: Is Priti Patel’s police bill a threat to civil liberties? [New Statesman]

Your proposal is whack. But why does Swale council want to be judicially reviewed? [A Lawyer Writes]

Minding the pupillage gap [Counsel]

Only French cooperation can stop the Channel boats [Free Movement]

Celebrity crime novelists: the latest literary fashion [The Critic]

An AI inventor or the Emperor’s New Clothes? [The IPKat]

Some refreshing comments against the glamourisation of serial killers and the woo-woo of criminal profiling [The Law and Policy Blog]

Black Tie Guide for Men [Yet Another Blogging Barrister]

Back to the office: best of both worlds [Law Society Gazette]

Secure your place: The October 2021 UK Virtual Law Fair

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