From picnics to kebabs: lawyers car eating habits revealed in new research

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Over a quarter dine in their vehicles daily

Lawyers’ eating habits have been revealed in new research.

Over two-thirds (66%) of lawyers admit to eating in their cars when parked up, with 60% eating in their vehicle at least once a week and 27% doing this daily.

Lunch is the most common meal to eat in a vehicle (40%) with most lawyers most likely to opt for a takeaway (40%).

A sandwich is lawyers’ go-to food choice when eating in their car, according to the research, with 70% opting for one. The logistics may be questionable but this is then followed by a picnic (30%), burgers (20%), pizza (20%), fish & chips (10%) and kebabs (10%).

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When it comes to reasons for eating in their car, half (50%) of the lawyers surveyed said that they do it when they eat drive thru and takeaway food or between travelling for leisure (40%). Other reasons given were for convenience (30%), between travelling for work (30%), because it is cheaper than eating inside a restaurant (30%) or due to Covid-19 (10%).

“Since the pandemic, the restrictions placed on dining inside and the British weather have led to many people eating more regularly in their vehicles,” according to the research of 2,000 drivers undertaken by Asda Money.

And lawyers seem to be well prepared for their car eating habits, with 50% keeping napkins and wipes in their cars; 40% investing in a cooler bag or box; and 20% having bags for clearing away rubbish.

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