Ashurst to offer course in imposter syndrome

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City firm looks to help aspiring lawyers set broader definitions of ‘success’ and ‘accomplishment’

City law firm Ashurst has launched a new online course that aims to help aspiring lawyers overcome feelings of imposter syndrome.

The new module — which forms part of the firm’s virtual work experience programme — will introduce students to the “phenomenon of self-doubt and imposter feelings and its connection to social identity”.

The free programme, dubbed ‘You are Extraordinary’, also aims to help solicitor hopefuls develop a broader definition of “success” and “accomplishment” which goes beyond traditional measures such as exam results and training contract offers.

It will feature a mix of video presentations and workshops, and consists of five hypothetical tasks that help students understand and learn how to manage feelings of self-doubt and imposter feelings.

The firm says it will also help participants identify their own personal achievements and unique strengths as well as teach them to speak positively about their successes in vac scheme and TC interviews.

“We want people to be as prepared as possible when starting their career journey, so have developed this programme to help emerging talent develop their best sense of self and feelings of confidence,” Carolyn O’Connor, HR manager, national early careers programmes at Ashurst, said. “In addition to creating a degree of anguish and self-doubt, imposter feelings may in some cases limit professional choices or career advancement if they are not confronted.”

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The launch of the module comes as a poll of Legal Cheek readers found that over two-thirds (77%) of respondents had suffered from imposter syndrome.

Andrea Bell, chief people officer at Ashurst, added:

“We are proud to have a strong culture of support for social impact and enhancing social mobility at Ashurst, and our complimentary virtual learning programmes are just one example of the many ways we can ensure that talented young people have the opportunity to upskill and succeed regardless of background.”

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