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Weekly round-up of the top legal blogosphere posts

Sweeping misconduct away [A Lawyer Writes]

Chris Bryant interview: “Labour should put the ministerial code into law” [New Statesman]

Rule of silence: Good laws can’t be made if we don’t talk about them, and bad laws can’t be repealed in silence [The Critic]

The ‘c’ word – why ‘corruption’ is the accurate word for describing what the United Kingdom government is doing [The Law and Policy Blog]

Johnson & Johnson split: it’s not me, it’s the (pharma) boom [Legal Cheek Journal]

Four reasons why James Bond should be ‘Double-O Done’ [Scottish Legal News]

Opinion: Courts backlog not caused by immigration cases ‘clogging up legal process’ [East Anglia Daily Times]

Paypal…I’m not Interested!: A Social Commerce Case Study [According To A Law Student]

‘The UK is not remotely a corrupt country’ [Law Society Gazette]

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