Oxford v Cambridge moot debacle shows that even top law students make mistakes

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Howlers on both sides in aftermath of face-off

A moot has sparked a bizarre row between the elite universities of Oxford and Cambridge.

After Cambridge won Herbert Smith Freehills‘ Disability Mooting Championship last year, Oxford mistakenly claimed victory, posting in error on its website that “[i]n a very close decision, Oxford were awarded the win”.

Certainly that’s not the kind of attention to detail that would get you a TC at HSF.

Despite having no evidence that the post was anything more than an honest mistake, students at Cambridge decided to impute sinister motives after noticing it had been live for over a year. So earlier this month, as excitement built around this year’s edition of the mooting competition, they embarked on a bizarre social media campaign that seemed to make out their rivals had told a deliberate “lie”.

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A flurry of TikTok’s that made this allegation in a supposedly “light-hearted” way have since been made private while a tweet doing the same has been deleted.

As an insider at Cambridge told us: “Nothing gets Cambridge students quite revved up as a little drama within this age-old rivalry!”

Again, not the sort of thing that would clinch you a place at a leading global law firm.

The HSF moot competition is set up by Oxford’s Law Faculty and has been running since 2014. Last year’s moot centred on whether a prosthetic limb can be regarded as an imitation firearm, and whether damage to a mobility aid cannot amount to actual bodily harm.

THIS THURSDAY: The December 2021 UK Virtual Law Fair


Earned a Blue in Debating

When they go on to make enough money at the Bar to stop their wives from leaving them and to pay for their children’s therapy, that’ll show the haters.


I did not get a rejection letter

How did you find Durham?


Earned a Blue in Debating

I wouldn’t know.

You’d laugh at these mooters too if you had to go to Cambridge with similar 😉



One does not get a blue in debating, darling.


Wouldn't you like to know

Ahhhh, what it is that amuses the Oxbridgers.

Here in the big smoke we have proper students who engage in a regular bit of breaking and entering (KCL v UCL).



As an insider at Cambridge told us: “Nothing gets Cambridge students quite revved up as a little drama within this age-old rivalry!”

Get a hobby


Oxbridge Banter Guy

Went out on a date with a girl. Was going well until I found out she’s an… OXONIAN! When I heard that, I politely requested to use the bathroom, took my jacket, and walked straight out of the restaurant. I then went to my gyp (Cambridge slang for college kitchen, LOL) and informed all of my colleagues about this humorous incident!



Rowena Pilkington




Better than being from John’s, am I right?



Katz Lad 4 Life!!!



Cats tend to be single use in my experience.


It’s things like this which make me so glad I didn’t go to one of these unis. Absolute weirdos.



In fairness, their rowers must be pretty good. They always make it to the Finals in the Boat Race.


Mr William Wonka, BA (Oxon)

The danger must be growing for the rowers keep on rowing!

And they’re certainly not showing…



Objective Observer

Fairs, but if an institution falsely said you didn’t win something you won, would you not be even slightly annoyed enough to post on your own social media about their error…


Angus, Aberdeen LLB

Which one rejected you?



I’ve met many students from Oxbridge during University, the LPC and my TC.
It’s a generalisation and there are exceptions to the rule, but as a whole, it does seem to attract absolute irritants. Give me a random Oxbridge grad and, 9 times out of 10, most of these facts will be true;
Southern with Queen’s English, dull ‘edgy’ style (extremely overpriced second-hand clothes purchased from an extortionate vintage store in East London), lives in a HMO in Clapham for £1000/month or with parents in £2million terraced house, privately educated or from a top grammar school (basically privately educated), loves skiing, gap-year in Asia, left-leaning militant.
There are about 2/3 people out of hundreds that I’ve come across that don’t have most of these characteristics. It’s as if they’re produced in a factory.


Reality Check

I suspect that says more about the type of people who go into City firms to churn docs all their life for £££ – these are the characteristics of City lawyers generally, not exclusive to Oxbridge City lawyers.



Not really. My intake in SC was far more diverse than the student body at my university. If anything it was very international. You did get these types but they certainly weren’t the majority.


Youz a clown

Not sure how going to a good grammar school = basically privately educated. Sorry you failed your 11+ I guess.



The problem with grammar is one is still risks being exposed to the wrong sorts, more clever than the average wrong sorts, but still the wrong sorts. A decent termly fee bill works wonders on reducing that risk for the little darlings. After all, the 11+ nowadays does not really sort out the wheat from the chaff, there is an awful lot of chaff in the end product.



Have the seen the amount some children get tutored for the 11+?
Compare the socioeconomic background of students from certain grammars with those from an average comprehensive school. These grammars ARE effectively private schools – of course they let in some very bright disadvantaged kids, but as whole they are the children of well off parents who have been to the best early learning schools and have received tutoring. Their parents often prep them for the entrance exams their entire young lives.



Come on, passing the 11+ is a piece of cake. There is a 30% pass rate. The low pass standard easily lets the disadvantaged but talented in.



I couldn’t sit the 11+
We did not have grammars in my area (North).
Very presumptive of you to assume everyone in the U.K. has these opportunities. Speaks volumes about your upbringing.



I went to a grammar in the North.

Many of my friends are first generation professionals who’s parents didn’t go to uni.

The grammar let them shine and should be brought back nationwide.


Australian barrister

Not grammar… whose


Screams jealousy to me… did someone get an oxbridge rejection?


Red brick and Proud

Screams and wets the bed?

That’ll be the Oxbridge undergrad again…


Bored of this kind of banter

This is neither interesting nor news worthy.



Isn’t Oxford claiming the win a lie though? It’s not exactly sinister lol what’s wrong with journalism these days



Lol why are you picking up some random humour by 20 year old students and pretending it’s something it’s not…?



Does Legal Cheek have proof it was an accident… seems very presumptive to me and ironic considering they attack the lack of proof of the students with qualified lawyers to proof read posts…


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