Solicitor sanctioned for ‘offensive’ WhatsApp messages

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Group chat contained around 100 members

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The regulator has issued a solicitor with a written rebuke after it found he posted a number of “inappropriate” messages to a WhatsApp group.

Muhammed Bhurhan Uddin posted the messages to a group containing approximately 100 members in May 2019. They were “offensive and derogatory about certain groups of individuals”, according to a decision published this week by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).

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The finding did not disclose the content of the messages or the nature of the group.

Uddin was admitted to the roll in 2016 and is a solicitor at Capsticks, a national law firm which has worked with the SRA since 2009 in its role as sole legal provider for disciplinary and litigation work.

The regulator said Uddin failed to behave in a way that maintains the trust that the public places in him and in the provision of legal services. He was rebuked and ordered to pay £600 in costs.

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Sir Wokey McWokeface

Why were the contents of the messages or even the gist of the messages or the nature of the group not disclosed? In different circumstances, they would have been readily disclosed by the SRA…



The woke thought police want to keep us in fear. If it was not a professional group it should be none of their business.


Davendra Patel

As usual trying to be politically correct and timidity at play again.



Can’t believe law students have regressed so far socially and in terms of maturity that showing a lack of respect to groups of individuals is branded ‘woke’ and something to ‘fear’.

Double dare you to say absolutely whatever you like to the international clients that will help you pay your mortgage.

Double dare you.



Th-they’re coming for us all…W-woke brigade…cancel culture…woke brigade…w-woke brigade…cancel…boogieman!!!


Winston Smythe

Perhaps it would be easier if the government or our regulators just gave us a manual with a nice long list of topics, words, phrases and views that are “offensive” so we know not to say them.

It may once have been a matter of common sense, but it isn’t any more. People can be sanctioned for innocent comments or expressing views that a few years ago may have been mainstream
or acceptable, or cracking a joke, or approving something that was mainstream BBC comedy less than a decade ago.

The manuals would need to be updated, of course, with old copies all being collected up an do burnt because, even if the view was once acceptable, “it was wrong then and is wrong now”.


Scouser of Counsel

That’s why I’m not on any social media!

My views are probably pretty middle of the road for 2021 but if I posted something that was uncontroversial today which, for unforeseeable reasons, became controversial and unthinkable in 2041, then no doubt the right-thinking halo-polishers of that era would demand my disbarment for expressing a view that was “wrong then and wrong now”.


Raise your concerns in your TC interviews?

I don’t understand why students who think this is all an ‘agenda’ bother with applying for TCs???

Why do you want to work for employers that you genuinely think are out to harm you with their ‘wokeness’????

It is actually optional to choose to work for an employer that has workplace policies for behaviour, expects appropriate language towards others and asks you to abide by hate speech provisions within E&W law.

Nothing is stopping you from sitting at home, farting in peace all day and saying absolutely anything you like to your cat. Get into crypto, flip furniture on eBay or even OnlyFans?


The real WBS

“Winston” – think of your own humorous moniker, or at least use the full form of mine, before posting your dead comments. Many thanks



Who dis?



Who dat?


Have you ever met the boogie man before?

No, of course you haven’t. For you’re much too good I’m sure.

Hush! Hush! Hush! Here comes the boogie man! Don’t let him near your social media- he’ll catch you if he can!


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