UCL beats Harvard in top 10 world rankings for law

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Stanford University comes first

UCL has beaten Harvard in this year’s top ten world university rankings for law.

London institution UCL ranks sixth in the 2022 Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings, while Ivy League player Harvard follows closely in seventh place.

The 2022 law school power list, which is topped by non-Ivy League uni Stanford for the fourth consecutive year, features other big-name US, Russell Group and global institutions.

Cambridge and Oxford place second and fourth, respectively, for law.

Top 10 law schools 2022:

Ranking Law school Overall THE score (out of 100)
1 Stanford 79.9
2 Cambridge 79.1
3 NYU 75.7
4 Oxford 75.2
5 Melbourne 74.9
6 UCL 74.7
7 Harvard 74.1
8 Singapore 74.0
9 Yale 73.9
10 KU Leuven 73.3
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Further down the law school pecking order Edinburgh (11th) beats LSE (12th) and King’s College London (joint 20th).

Top 11-20 law schools 2022:

Ranking Law school Overall THE score (out of 100)
11 Edinburgh 73.2
12 LSE 73.1
13 Chicago 72.8
14 California 72.5
15 Columbia 72.0
16 Toronto 71.5
=17 Cornell 70.8
=17 McGill 70.8
19 Duke 70.7
=20 KCL 73.3
=20 Tilburg 70.7

Other notable UK law schools to feature in this year’s list include Glasgow (32nd), Durham (34th), Bristol (43rd), Manchester (45th) and Warwick (joint 48th).

The rankings, which can be found in full here, are based on teaching, research, citations, international outlook and industry income.

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Why even do this

This is absolutely meaningless considering how differently both jurisdictions approach legal education.


International tables are meaningless for anything related to undergraduate education and employment.
I studied at one of the London universities which does well in international tables. The standard of teaching on the LLB was incredibly poor.
I regret studying in London and I would advise any bright student against it – unless they have very rich parents, then it can be alright (in my experience most of the student body did).


Yep. The main reason to study at the elite London unis is networking opportunities.

You will notice how the top grad roles are taken up by many LSE, UCL, KCL grads and it’s because the networking and employment careers service you get is second to none. The teaching is quite average.

There was a statistic which said that working class students with a first class degree at a Russel group faired worse than those middle class students with a 2:2… the reason is because connections and networking gets you further than your degree does.

The top London unis are essentially a rich boys club and if you play your cards right and make the right moves you can end up exactly where you want post grad.


Please tell me what these “moves” are exactly? Yes there are good networking opportunities for the future but we all have to make TC applications etc.

As an ethnic minority going to UCL, there was no easy path to ending up exactly where I wanted.


I echo the same from an ethnic minority background. I did an LLM from a Russel Group University. Yes networking opportunities are available however one needs to be persistent and not seem desperate. One needs to stand out by engaging with a popular topic to appeal the network participants.


Do you want some cheese with your whine?


Ye geezer I got all the moves mate ye nice son.

What a load of crap.


I agree. Having studied at the LSE, it was a very rubbish social and life experience, but the quality of teaching was good. If I could do it again, I would consider Durham/Bristol without compromising on domestic prestige in a heartbeat (if I couldn’t get into Oxbridge again). Redbricks can get you there, Manchester/Birmingham/Nottingham/Leeds/Newcastle/Sheffield/Exeter and Warwick/York too, but there is a step down in domestic prestige. Living in London is dire, the lack of real outdoors space and sporting facilities is not great, the constant business of central London and expense of living around Camden/Waterloo is significant for a crappy shared place. Alternatively study history and go to St Andrews or Edinburgh. If you want to be a commercial barrister, your odds non-Oxbridge are longer, such that going to LSE over Nottingham isn’t going to make such a massive difference if you get a first and smash the BCL.

Legally Blonde

What like it’s hard? 💁🏼‍♀️


That’s what she said


Seems a bit biased towards English speaking unis.


Harvard is clearly the superior institution in most respects. Reeks of copium.


You realise that UCL alum/students/staff didn’t produce the ranking. Who is ‘coping’ here?



Can’t see an students or academics choosing UCL over Harvard.

NYU 3rd v Columbia 15th – again joke!!


Slapping KCL at the bottom of the table for bantz, I see?

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