12 struggles law students will face this Christmas

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🎵 All I want for Christmas is you… a training contract 🎵

Christmas is a time for relaxation and overindulgence. But for those with their sights set on a career in law, the seasonal period can be one filled with deadlines, textbooks and dishing out questionable legal advice.

So here are 12 Christmas struggles that only law students will understand…

1. Transporting your law books home

Your bags will weigh a tonne if you take all of your law textbooks, folders AND notes… but is it safe to leave anything behind?

2. Gifting on a budget

How are you supposed to give your friends and family the presents they deserve, while trying to save up for your future SQE exams?

3. Securing work experience

Got to make sure you’re working on those ‘soft’ skills and getting something to put on your CV.

4. Tedious career questions over turkey

Having to explain why you are “not yet a lawyer” to another relative for the umpteenth time can really turn anyone into the grinch.

5. TC and vac scheme deadlines

Realising that you’ve only completed one third of the applications you set out to do in September is enough to make anyone say bah-humbug. You take a break from your latest applications, only to see your friends post cute Instagram shots ice-skating or visiting Winter Wonderland. Right… okay…

6. A Covid Christmas

The worry of catching COVID, or just coming down with a cold, is enough to ruin anyone’s Christmas. But for law students, the thought of doing an application or revising for exams after Christmas with any lurgy is downright miserable.

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7. Questionable legal advice

When your slightly kooky great aunt asks you over Christmas dinner whether the character from the period drama they’re watching is likely to be found guilty of negligence, how are you supposed to answer that?

8. Removing the cellophane from your untouched law books

Throughout the first semester, keeping up with lectures, seminars and tutorials was all you could do. Now you’ve got the Christmas period, you realise that you’ve not done any of the required reading and you have to lock yourself in your room while everyone sings along to Christmas tunes.

9. Constantly checking your emails

Throughout Christmas, your email notifications are constantly going off with deadline reminders, acknowledgments of your application and even rejections.

10. Damage control from the law school socials you can’t remember

Three weeks after the last social before Christmas, you’re confident you’re in the clear and haven’t done anything too embarrassing. But as you take a break from your exam revision, you open your Facebook to see 12 notifications of people tagging you in the worst possible photos. Do you keep them for the memories or hide them, knowing law firms or chambers will inevitably stumble across them too?

11. Fake laughing at the constant ‘jokes’ about your future legal career

When relatives you haven’t seen all year are making jokes about how much money you’re going to make and are making plans to move in with you, all you can do is fake a laugh and hope one day they’ll stop.

12. Thinking through what you’re going to do with all the ‘law’ gifts

Whilst it is definitely the thought that counts, receiving another copy of a Supreme Court judges’ autobiography is just too much.

Stay strong law students…

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