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Weekly round-up of the top legal blogosphere posts

How Tiffany blue and Louboutin shoes are revealing trademark law’s true colours [Legal Cheek]

Tony’s law? Why not give laws names that mean something? [A Lawyer Writes]

‘Lawfluencers’ open up the Magic Circle for new recruits [Financial Times]

Paypal…I’m not Interested!: A Social Commerce Case Study [According To A Law Student]

Poland steps up its legal fight against Europe [Spectator] (free, but registration required)

No UK political leaders of any party seem to be taking Northern Ireland seriously [The Law and Policy Blog]

Climate change — legal accountability is key [Scottish Legal News]

Flattery or freeloading? The use of look-a-likes within the context of image rights [The IPKat]

Meet Valtònyc, the exiled Spanish rapper reforming Belgium’s free speech laws [Prospect]